January 21, 2015  /  Nancy Drozdow
Nancy Drozdow reflects on "sticky baton syndrome" in family businesses. read more »
February 16, 2015  /  Barry Dornfeld
Barry Dornfeld responds to a recent NPR interview with Facebook’s Global Director of Diversity, and describes how pausing to take stock can actually accelerate an organizational initiative such as diversity.  read more »
March 5, 2015  /  David W. Brown

As an African American who was born during the turbulent ‘60s, I’ve been working along with African American-led and focused organizations all my life. Whether it’s the church, schools or organizations fighting for civil rights, these institutions have had to navigate some of the toughest cultural challenges known in human history and – for the most part – have come through relatively intact.


While the successes have been epic – desegregation, equal rights and countless other victories – it’s the quiet failures that provide lessons that, unfortunately, many of these organizations choose to ignore, rather than using them to strengthen the way they pursue their work.


In Philadelphia, as an example, two o... read more »

August 19, 2015  /  Barry Dornfeld

When the star British actor Benedict Cumberbatch, playing Hamlet on a London stage, recently broke out of character to turn to the audience and plead with them to stop videotaping him with the smartphones so many carry, a critical moment had been reached. The steadily increasing incursion of digital devices into our personal, public, and professional lives has been accelerating, and it is hard both to ignore this incursion and predict where it is going. Cumberbatch’s recognition of this boundary feels like an important wake up call.


Sociologist and Psychologist Sherry Turkle, a deep thinker on how technology impacts our lives, cited this incident in a talk she recently gave at a business conference I attended. She used this incident to launch a discussion on the... read more »

November 16, 2015
CFAR Principal Debbie Bing has been named as the firm’s next President. She will succeed Lynn Oppenheim—one of the firm’s original founders—in January 2016.  read more »
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