April 8, 2016  /  Larry Hirschhorn

In this post I explore the reasons why Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo!, Inc., has failed to revitalize the company. When she took office in 2012, third quarter revenue was $1.2 billion. Third quarter revenue in 2015 was also $1.2 billion. I point to several possible limitations of her leadership. First, while some journalists have suggested that she was too cautious and did not make a “big bet,” I argue that CEOs make big bets only when facing crises. Yahoo, paradoxically, did not face a crisis because it owned so many shares in Alibaba, the Chinese Amazon. When the latter went public, Yahoo made a windfall profit of $9.4 billion at a time when its annual operating income was only $200 million.


I suggest as well that Mayer tended to focus too much on orga... read more »

May 9, 2016  /  Press Release



      PHILADELPHIA, PA (May 9, 2016)—CFAR, Inc.—a private management consulting firm with offices in Philadelphia and Boston—has been named one of the Best Management Consulting Firms of 2016 in the U.S. by Forbes. 


      The rankings were based on data from two surveys: (1) a colleague survey among partners and project managers from management consultancies and (2) a client survey among senior executives who had previously worked with management consultancies. CFAR was fortunate enough to rank in both surveys: with the distinction of having a “Disproportionately High Number of Client Recommendations” in the S... read more »

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