CFAR helps clients
address tough challenges.
Realizing Strategy

Dealing with our strategy feels like too big a conceptual task—or too small. We’ve been tinkering around the edges and now it’s unclear whether we have a strategy dilemma or an execution problem. Taking this on is critical, but how?

CFAR applies decades of experience, methods, and tools that move you quickly from establishing the critical elements for strategic success—to acting on them.

Mobilizing Change

‘Change is the only constant.’ Only now more so than ever—and where does it start? At the top, the bottom, the middle? Should we make change all at once, or incrementally? What will work here, now? How do we speed things up, deal with naysayers, and make the good ideas stick?

CFAR brings deep cultural appreciation to the mobilization of employees around change imperatives, and knows how to create organizational momentum that is self-sustaining.

Strengthening Collaboration

Our business units act like independent businesses, our departments function (but not collectively), and our joint ventures are not yielding what we anticipated. How can we improve collaboration for better performance?

CFAR recognizes that people and teams are the true crucible for success. We know how to surface assumptions of what people “should” do and dig deeper into what will make a difference here, now.

Preparing for Succession

Succession is either hanging over us or has just happened and people are waiting for the other shoe to drop. How do we make succession both a rational and culturally sensitive process?

When leader tenure is long, succession can be especially poignant. CFAR has tackled what it takes to create effective transitions—including our own—for more than 30 years, across industries.

Supporting Governance

Establishing the “rules of the road,” how decisions get made, where authority lies, and how constituents express their voice: all of this lies in governance. Where do we start?

Whether it’s a Board, a leadership team, or a family assembly, CFAR has broad experience with a range of governance issues. We know that a combination of structures, processes, decision rights, and interworking rules of participation is needed to enable clear and effective governance.

Developing Leaders

It seems impossible to have executives who are both skilled at leading their own units and collaborating across the enterprise. How do we develop our top team so that the whole is more than the sum of its parts?

CFAR has a special facility in developing leaders who can lead together—whether in devising strategy, creating a call to action for change, or meeting performance metrics.