August 5, 2020  /  Todd Smith

Todd SmithBalancing the respective needs and inputs of your company Board, your shareholder group, and your independent directors always requires a measured approach that... read more »

July 14, 2020  /  Jennifer Tomasik

Engagement is the art and science of including people in the shaping and implementation of strategy and change. In our experience, intentionally planning what we call t... read more »

July 13, 2020
These are times like no other. Organizations of all types have been up-ended by the events of 2020, leaving leaders gr... read more »
July 8, 2020  /  Nancy Drozdow, Founder and Principal

Nancy DrozdownLately, even before the pandemic, people inside organizations have been more “heads down,” get it done, don’t distract me. With the pand... read more »

July 1, 2020  /  Debbie Bing

Debbie BingOrganizations can get in the way of their own success. The reasons are plentiful—ineffective design, challenged teams, unclear roles or structures, cumber... read more »

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