November 4, 2010
Monica Heuer & Tom Gilmore: "Acting your Way to New Thinking: The Campaign Approach to Organizational Change," and "Applying the Campaign Approach"
October 22, 2010
Mal O’Connor: “Leading through Change: Yes, You Can”
October 22, 2010
Jennifer Tomasik: "Getting Ready: Proactively Preparing To Improve Integration In Healthcare Delivery"
October 14, 2010
Debbie Bing with Eric Allyn: "Leading from the Bench: A Live Case Study from the Fourth Generation"
October 14, 2010
Nancy Drozdow & Barton Parrott: "Playing Multiple Games on the Same Field: Organization Design for the Evolving Family Enterprise”
September 30, 2010
Linda May with PJ Brennan, Joan Doyle, and Victoria Rich: "Realtime Readmissions Feedback at Penn Medicine—Making the Data Actionable"
September 30, 2010
Jennifer Tomasik: “Bending the Execution Curve: Implementing Successful Organizational Change”
September 1, 2010
CFAR forms partnership with the Northeastern University Center for Family Business
August 12, 2010
Linda May with Joan Doyle: “From Vendor to Clinical Partner”— Operational and Clinical Strategies to Reposition Home Care "
August 6, 2010
Tom Gilmore with Warner Burke, Edgar Schein, and Leopold Vansina: "Bringing the Psychodynamic Approach and OD Together to Enrich Meaningful Change"
August 3, 2010
Larry Hirshhorn: closing remarks and summary
July 23, 2010
Larry Hirschhorn: "Tools for Strategy Development and Execution"
July 22, 2010
Linda May with PJ Brennan, Joan Doyle, and Victoria Rich: "Leadership “Machinery” for Transitions-in-Care at Penn Medicine"
June 8, 2010
Barry Dornfeld: "Creativity, Collaboration & Design Thinking"
May 4, 2010
Mal O'Connor: "Overcoming Implementation Obstacles"
April 28, 2010
Jennifer Tomasik & Linda May: "Collaborative Quality, the Success of Physician/ Nurse/Quality Alliances"
April 7, 2010
Barry Dornfeld & Jerrel Jones: "Succession Planning: Unforeseen Issues"
March 11, 2010
Jessica Geiben Lynn: "Influence and Persuasion"
January 28, 2010
Tom Gilmore: "What Makes Complex Organizations Like AMCs Work"
January 27, 2010
Barry Dornfeld: "Psychological Aspects and Personal Dynamics of the Operation and the Transfer of the Family Business"
January 22, 2010
Tom Gilmore delivers three sessions at the Executive Development Seminar for Deans
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