December 7, 2016
Jennifer Tomasik with Susan B. Hassmiller of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and P.J. Brennan and Regina Cunningham of the University of Pennsylvania Health System: Catalyzing Interprofessional Collaboration
November 15, 2016
Tom Gilmore: Small "L" Leadership, Significant Results. My Journey in Consulting
November 12, 2016
Lynn Oppenheim: Transformational Change in Academic Health Systems: A Frank Conversation with Top Consulting Firms
November 10, 2016
CFAR named Best Family Business Strategy Consultant
November 9, 2016
CFAR is a proud sponsor of Transitions West 2016.
November 3, 2016
Barry Dornfeld and Carey Gallagher: Using Culture to Drive Strategic Change
October 28, 2016
Jennifer Tomasik and Carey Gallagher: Lessons from the Field: Promising Practices for Interprofessional Collaboration
October 27, 2016
Nancy Drozdow moderates a discussion with John Davis
October 20, 2016
Debbie Bing: The Challenges and Rewards of Multi-Generational Family Foundations
October 7, 2016
Mal O'Connor: Your Systems Strategy: Creating or Revamping it, Gaining Buy-In and Hardwiring Execution.
September 27, 2016
Jennifer Tomasik: "Building a Board Manual"
September 27, 2016
CFAR named Best Life Sciences Business Consultancy - Eastern USA
September 26, 2016
Barry Dornfeld: Leading in Loosely Coupled Systems
September 22, 2016
Debbie Bing moderates "Affirmative/Impact/Passion/Philanthropic Investing"
September 21, 2016
CFAR is a proud sponsor of the Family Business Wealth Conference.
September 20, 2016
CFAR sponsors C-TAC’s Third National Summit on Advanced Illness Care
August 5, 2016
Mal O'Connor: APA Faces an Unignorable Moment: Can Big Trouble Lead to a Great Future?
July 19, 2016
Jennifer Tomasik: “Catalyzing Promising Practices to Improve Interprofessional Collaboration”
July 14, 2016
Barry Dornfeld: The Moment You Can’t Ignore: Using Culture to Drive Strategic Change
July 14, 2016
Barry Dornfeld: Tools for Leading Loosely Coupled Systems
June 14, 2016
Barry Dornfeld: "Finding the Future Inside: Using Culture to Guide Change" and "Learning from the Field: Ethnography and Innovation in Medical Education"
June 9, 2016
Barry Dornfeld: The Moment You Can't Ignore
June 1, 2016
Barry Dornfeld moderates "Propelling Growth"
June 1, 2016
CFAR featured in Dennis Brunning's column
May 11, 2016
CFAR named in Forbes’ 2016 listing of America’s Best Management Consulting Firms
April 22, 2016
Jennifer Tomasik: "What Does Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Look Like? Lessons from the Field: Promising Interprofessional Collaboration Practice"
April 7, 2016
Nancy Drozdow and Debbie Bing: NextGen: How to be an Entrepreneur in Your Family Business; Sibling Relationships
April 6, 2016
CFAR sponsors Transitions East 2016
March 30, 2016
Carey Gallagher awarded the Regent Award for Early Careerist
March 30, 2016
Jennifer Tomasik: Achieving Better Outcomes with Interprofessional Collaboration
March 22, 2016
Barry Dornfeld: The Moment You Can’t Ignore: Using Culture to Drive Strategic Change
March 19, 2016
Larry Hirschhorn: Eric Miller Memorial Lecture
March 16, 2016
Mal O'Connor: Senior Faculty Member
March 16, 2016
Jennifer L. Tomasik along with Susan B. Hassmiller, Cheryl Hoying, and Fred Ryckman: Catalyzing Promising Practices to Improve Interprofessional Collaboration.
March 4, 2016
Barry Dornfeld: "The Moment You Can't Ignore"
February 25, 2016
Barry Dornfeld: The Moment You Can’t Ignore: Using Culture to Drive Strategic Change
February 9, 2016
Carey Gallagher and Carolyn Hewson: "Psychological Aspects and Personal Dynamics of the Operation and the Transfer of the Family Business."
January 20, 2016
Carey Gallagher and Jennifer Tomasik: Stronger Than The Sum of Our Parts: Creating A Level Playing Field
January 12, 2016
Lynn Oppenheim: Moving Your IAP Forward
January 11, 2016
Lynn Oppenheim: Introduction to Organizational Dynamics: Spanning Boundaries to Make Change Happen
January 11, 2016
Lynn Oppenehim: Unignorable Moments and the Campaign Approach to Organizational Change
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