October 28, 2013  /  Jennifer Tomasik

As the migration from volume to value unfolds in the healthcare industry, past formulas for success can lead to the undoing of an organization today.  To make matters worse, while new payment and reimbursement vehicles are emerging, hospital leaders must continue to optimize for the system as it exists today—even as they prepare for the future.  It's a seismic shift:  from a focus on volume and illness, to a focus on value and wellness.  And leaders often feel stuck in the middle while trying to map out a clear path to the future that is coming.

With my colleagues from Second Curve Systems, I'm leading a workshop at the American College of Healthcare Executives' 2014 Congress on Healthcare Leadership (March 24-27, 2014, Chicago) that will describe and explore the nature of the transformational shift taking place.  We'll tell the story of a community hospital living in the "middle zone" as it struggles to manage new ways of delivering care, collaborating with physicians, investing resources and designing innovative relationships across the spectrum of participation options in a local ACO.  We'll outline pragmatic tools and approaches that can be applied immediately to help healthcare leaders translate their ideas and strategies into actions quickly.  To learn more about the conference, please visit http://www.ache.org/congress.

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