May 15, 2014

Jennifer Tomasik moderates a panel on "Physician-Hospital Alignment: A Case Study on South Shore Clinical Integration Network"


This session will include an interactive panel discussion and Q&A designed to explore critical issues and lessons learned in launching the South Shore Clinical Integration Network including topics such as:


  • The physician hospital alignment work that led to the development of HPSO.


  • Our “start up” experience in developing the early infrastructure and agreements required to effectively launch and sustain the effort.


  • How we meaningfully engaged physicians at every step, with a specific emphasis on the work required to design our governance structure, establish the performance scorecard and measurement process, and lay the groundwork to advance HPSO goals in a way that improves accountability across the enterprise.



  • Michael Ayers, MD, Chairman, HPSO, Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Luke O’Connell MD, HPSO Physician Director, Urologist
  • Karen Sax McLoughlin, Executive Director/VP, HPSO
  • Pam Whelton, HPSO Director, SVP Physician and Network Expansion, South Shore Hospital

Read Becker’s article on the session

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