February 25, 2016

Barry Dornfeld presents "The Moment You Can’t Ignore: Using Culture to Drive Strategic Change" at the PASAE Educational Summit and Expo.


Most organizations encounter moments they cannot ignore—events, actions, or comments that stop people in their tracks and make it blindingly clear that the organization is somehow stuck and unable to move forward. These moments expose the ways in which an organization’s culture—or “the way we do things around here"—conflict with new competitive demands, and reveal underlying conflicts as well as hidden assets that can help turn what may look like big trouble into a great future.


In this presentation, Barry provides insights about how to confront the clash of old and new so that people and the businesses they are part of can successfully meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Dr. Dornfeld describes how learning leaders can use their company’s cultural strengths to renew their business and meet the demands of the new business environment.


The interactive session introduces a concrete definition and examples of ‘organizational culture,’ and concrete case examples of how working with culture can be a powerful tool in meeting the challenges facing businesses across all sectors and to illustrate concepts about culture and change.


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