July 14, 2016

Barry Dornfeld presents "The Moment You Can’t Ignore: Using Culture to Drive Strategic Change" at The National Association for Court Management Annual Conference.


Courts large and small often encounter unignorable moments when they finds themselves truly “stuck”—unable to innovate, implement change, and motivate people to get on board with new ideas. These moments make it clear that court leaders need to rethink some fundamental ways in which to get its work done and draw on culture to enable change. This keynote address, followed by a separate breakout session, will introduce a concrete definition and examples of “organizational culture” and provide examples of “unignorable” moments from courts where the organization’s culture— “the way we do things around here”—conflict with new competitive demands. These moments reveal underlying conflicts as well as hidden cultural assets that can be powerful tools in meeting the challenges facing organizations today. The address will enable NACM members to apply four cultural principles to lead their courts through significant change: 1) slow down to speed up; 2) leverage the power of stuck; 3) use resistance as feedback; and 4) “listen in” to learn.

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