March 21, 2018

Jessica Geiben Lynn and Jennifer Schlener of AAMC present "Working Effectively with Advisory Boards: Using One’s Influence, Negotiating Roles, and Utilizing Proven Governance Practices" as part of the 2018 AAMC National Professional Development Conference for Institutional Advancement.

This workshop explores the dynamics of defining and managing expectations around roles on advisory boards, e.g. board chair, board member, staff, c-suite leader, etc. Specifically, attendees will discuss challenges—and identify solutions—related to effectively supporting advisory boards, working effectively with faculty who might engage advisory boards, how to successfully engage advisory boards in gift solicitation, and how to apply effective governance practices to this work. A core component of this session  explores role negotiation and how to exert influence when you might not be in a position of authority.

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  ♦ Evaluate the effectiveness of advisory groups based on proven governance practices.

  ♦ Employ proven tools to better support advisory boards.

  ♦ Formulate new approaches to negotiating roles with advisory boards.


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