Nancy Drozdow, Debbie Bing
Family businesses sometimes feel a tension between “good business” practices and the stewardship of family values—as if the two are antithetical. This presentation examines the real-life experiences of family business leaders who have made choices that improved competitive edge while preserving their firm’s core values and culture.  view »
Nancy Drozdow
What keeps us from discussing difficult issues? Often it's our fear of what will be said. This article tells you how to move from paralysis to a productive dialogue. Published in Family Business Magazine, Summer 2011 view »
Nancy Drozdow
Published in "Family Business Review," Vol. 11(4), December 1998, pages 337 -- 347. view »
Nancy Drozdow
This article lifts up some of the critical "softer side" governance issues in light of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and compliance. The Legal Intelligencer, Corporate Governance Special Supplement, November 20, 2006, pp. CG4, CG7. view »
Nancy Drozdow
Partnering with another company enables a family firm to enter a market more quickly and broadly than it could otherwise. In this article, we explain how. Published in Family Business Magazine, Winter 2009 view »
Nancy Drozdow
Nancy Drozdow recounts her role in the early days of the Family Firm Institute. Published on the Family Firm Institute website, June 2006. view »

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