Nancy Drozdow
Published in "Family Business Review," Vol. 11(4), December 1998, pages 337 -- 347. view »
Thomas Gilmore, Greg Shea
This article describes how leaders can travel into the past to identify and pull forward essential aspects to the organization's continued identity. Published in the Journal of Management Development, 16 (4) Summer 1997, pp. 302 -- 311. view »
While many consulting firms offer strategy support, clients have chosen CFAR for more than three decades because we help clients craft a strategic narrative that motivates action and creates sustainable change. This piece looks at CFAR's approach to strategic planning. view »
All businesses face risk. However, leaders in owner-led and family firms must deal with a complex web of factors that, if not well managed, multiply their economic risk. This one page piece looks at what makes family businesses unique and how CFAR works with them. Examples of some client stories are included. view »
Debbie Bing, Jessica Geiben Lynn, Mario Moussa
The authors relate a process in which faculty confronted their preconceptions and arrived at a shared vision regarding the center’s mission. Ultimately, this unified vision paved the way for developing a new governance structure. view »
CFAR has developed an approach to strategic planning that embraces action and collaboration. Leaders in academic medicine want a strategy that will support practical, collaborative, action-oriented steps to address their most challenging issues. The principles described here are useful for informing a structure that best meets the unique needs of any institution. view »
The following note offers an overview of the challenges of sequencing these intertwined issues, and the imperative that they be thought of in a woven, recursive way across time rather than a simplistic, linear sequence. view »

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