Jennifer Tomasik and Carey Gallagher
This is the fourth in a series of four articles published in the Wharton Healthcare Quarterly about working towards being a “superconducting organization." view »
A multi-billion dollar health system operating in multiple states was shifting its identity from an acute care hospital company to a fully integrated system to deliver population health management.
Larry Hirschhorn, Victoria Rich, PJ Brennan, Elizabeth Riley-Wasserman
A joint presentation with The University of Pennsylvania Health System presented at the 2009 IHI National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care view »
Larry Hirschhorn
When considering cause and effect, we frequently engage in "one-step thinking." Backcasting is a technique that can help us see both the forest and the trees. Published in the Rotman Magazine, Winter 2011 view »
In our work we have found that for a strategy to take root, there must be an active effort to create fertile ground— people must understand the strategy and know how their work actually contributes to it. We have designed our approach to strategy execution around six critical activities detailed here. view »
CFAR maintains that strategy is what you do, not what you say. This piece gives a brief overview of Strategic Options, one tool in CFAR’s approach to strategy. view »
While many consulting firms offer strategy support, clients have chosen CFAR for more than three decades because we help clients craft a strategic narrative that motivates action and creates sustainable change. This piece looks at CFAR's approach to strategic planning. view »
Chatham Sullivan
Chapter 23 in Section 6: Creative Approaches to Developing Leaders -- Pushing the Boundary in Noel, James (Jim) and David Dotlich (eds.). The 2008 Pfeiffer Annual: Leadership Development. San Francisco: Pfeiffer, 2008, pp. 251 -- 260. view »
Jennifer Tomasik, Thomas Gilmore, Andrew Schafer
This is a draft table that looks at some of the typical problems and countermeasures in strategic planning. The final article can be found in The American Journal of Medicine, Vol 118, No 3, March 2005, pp 315-320. view »
Nancy Drozdow
Partnering with another company enables a family firm to enter a market more quickly and broadly than it could otherwise. In this article, we explain how. Published in Family Business Magazine, Winter 2009 view »
Linda May, Victoria Rich, PJ Brennan, Elizabeth Riley-Wasserman
Presented at the University HealthSystem Consortium 2008 Quality and Safety Fall Forum view »
This briefing note looks at the two meanings of "small wins" and gives examples of each. view »
A "found pilot" is a project, practice or event in which the future is already beginning to show up and are essential to campaigns for change. In this briefing note, we explore the idea of found pilots at different stages of a campaign. view »

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