A nationally renowned acute care hospital had a challenge that many healthcare institutions face today: how to ready their organization for a very different future climate while also succeeding in today’s reimbursement environment.
Larry Hirschhorn
When considering cause and effect, we frequently engage in "one-step thinking." Backcasting is a technique that can help us see both the forest and the trees. Published in the Rotman Magazine, Winter 2011 view »
Thomas Gilmore, Greg Shea
This article describes how leaders can travel into the past to identify and pull forward essential aspects to the organization's continued identity. Published in the Journal of Management Development, 16 (4) Summer 1997, pp. 302 -- 311. view »
Thomas Gilmore, Kenwyn Smith, Gregory Shea
This article overviews the ways in which all of the stakeholders in executive development courses can get significantly greater value from their investments. It starts before the program begins, discusses ways of learning while at the program, and attends to the transition from the program back to work. view »
This piece talks about Family Offices, Businesses, and Foundations and gives a case example of work CFAR has done with each. view »
All businesses face risk. However, leaders in owner-led and family firms must deal with a complex web of factors that, if not well managed, multiply their economic risk. This one page piece looks at what makes family businesses unique and how CFAR works with them. Examples of some client stories are included. view »
Linda May, P.J. Brennan, Victoria Rich and Joan Doyle
Presented at the American Hospital Association's Health Forum Leadership Summit in July 2010 view »
Debbie Bing, Jessica Geiben Lynn, Mario Moussa
The authors relate a process in which faculty confronted their preconceptions and arrived at a shared vision regarding the center’s mission. Ultimately, this unified vision paved the way for developing a new governance structure. view »
The campaign approach to change mobilizes people around a strategic theme and builds on energy already in the system. A central challenge to sweeping people into a campaign is getting their attention amid a barrage of competing concerns. This briefing note looks at ways to bring people on board and reviews some of the tools that CFAR uses to do this. view »
A "found pilot" is a project, practice or event in which the future is already beginning to show up and are essential to campaigns for change. In this briefing note, we explore the idea of found pilots at different stages of a campaign. view »
Larry Hirschhorn
A challenge faced in envisioning a goal is the difficulty imagining the conditions that have to be true in the future if the goal is to be met. How can we fully envision the texture of such a future state? What are the conditions that need to be in place in order to accomplish the goal? The backcast helps guide in building a detailed action plan that illuminates obstacles and details accomplishments and the steps needed to achieve them. Published in OD Practitioner, Vol. 29, No. 4, Fall 2007. view »

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