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Lasting Results.

Sustained Impact.




Our clients lead organizations where mission and purpose are central and engagement and alignment matter—in healthcare, family enterprises, owner-led businesses, higher education, foundations, associations, and other corporate and non-profit entities. Together, we partner to first discover (sometimes hidden) obstacles to success and then break through them using research-based ideas, tools, and approaches. Ultimately, this work aligns strategy, strengthens culture, builds teams, and improves outcomes.

CFAR’s mission is to help leaders activate organizations to achieve their highest aspirations—productively, meaningfully, profitably, and with impact. paper plane icon

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CFAR Spotlight: Chris Hugill
CFAR Spotlight: Chris Hugill

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Fieldnotes from CFAR’s CultureLab
Fieldnotes from CFAR’s CultureLab

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CFAR Spotlight: Sara Miller-Paul
CFAR Spotlight: Sara Miller-Paul

This week's Spotlight features Coaching Practice Manager Sara Miller-Paul. Sara joined CFAR in April 2019 when Richard Levin & Associates joined...

“My view of CFAR is that they understand, better than any other firm, the importance of addressing the organizational dynamics that get in the way of success. Bringing that knowledge to bear in building a team—one that’s aligned around our vision—is critical for our organization.”

— Chief Executive Officer