We are a firm that often makes sense of our complicated world with words. Yet we find ourselves, more than a week past the Hamas-led terrorist attack against Israeli and Jewish civilians, still without adequate words to express our horror, dismay and profound sadness about the senseless murder of families, elderly people, young people, parents and babies alike. We share our Country’s and communities’ outrage about the atrocities committed. We worry for all now in harm’s way in Israel and in Gaza and for the violence that continues. At dark moments like these in our collective history, we hold onto our belief that meaningful work to bridge differences and find shared purpose, even when the signals are dim and hope is harder to find, will have an impact. We hold out hope that our commitment to a collective will that calls for humanity at its best, may slowly and surely overpower the forces of division and destruction and, even in a small way, pave the way toward peace.

We also don’t want it to go without saying that hate in all forms has no home in our collective lives.  As we all absorb and deal with the horrific events of the past week and those that have followed, we pledge to bring our best as we all navigate the significant work ahead.  In a spirit of inquiry, we ask ourselves and invite you to consider for yourself and with us: in the face of distress–who are we for ourselves and for each other?