CFAR Spotlight: Mary Kelly

This week's Spotlight features Chief Financial Officer Mary Kelly. Mary has been with CFAR since 1992 and has held a number of roles across the firm, including Accounting and Benefits Manager and...

The Great Resignation

Family businesses are guided by purpose, values, and a long-term view. While family businesses are naturally imbued with the instincts and tools to combat the “Great Resignation,” it takes...

Family Enterprise: When Strategy Collides With Vision and Values With Debbie Bing on Beyond The Balance Sheet Podcast

Debbie Bing President and Principal talks about the emotional and strategic layers that family businesses are faced with when it comes time to engage with the new leaders, spouses, or the next generation. She addresses conflict, risk, and how the next generation should step out and step into roles where they can use their skills and perspectives for their families on Beyond The Balance Sheet Podcast.


Tenure in the 21st Century

Tenure in the 21st Century

The challenge is to explore and imagine what the institution of tenure could and should be in the 21st century and to find a way for it to happen.