We are excited to announce that Nancy Drozdow, Founder and Principal of CFAR, has been named to the 2022 Philadelphia Titan 100. The Titan 100 program recognizes Philadelphia’s Top 100 C-level executives and honors accomplished business leaders in their industry using criteria that includes demonstrating exceptional leadership, vision, and passion.

“The Titan 100 are shaping the future of the Philadelphia’s business community by building a distinguished reputation that is unrivaled and preeminent in their field. We proudly recognize the Titan 100 for their successes and contributions. We know that they will have a profound impact that makes an extraordinary difference for their customers and clients across the nation.” says Jaime Zawmon, President of Titan CEO.

“It is an honor to be part of the Philadelphia Titan 100,” says Nancy Drozdow. “For me, this acknowledgement highlights CFAR’s achievements for more than thirty years. Both CFAR and our clients have grown beyond what I could have imagined. There is a sense of accomplishment I have in our work, and it continues to inspire me to keep doing what I started decades ago.”

In its almost four decades both inside the Wharton School and as a private management consulting and coaching firm, CFAR is proud to work with organizations across a broad spectrum of industries including family enterprises and owner-led businesses, healthcare organizations, higher education and research institutions, as well as other mission oriented firms. We help leaders locate and amplify the will and the skill to make choices that propel them toward their chosen futures.

Collectively the 2022 Philadelphia Titan 100 and their companies employ upwards of 70,000 individuals and generate over $14 billion dollars in annual revenues. 

About CFAR

Headquartered in Philadelphia and Boston, CFAR is a management consulting and executive coaching firm specializing in advising leaders on complex organizational issues where understanding and working through the natural challenges that come with growing in all its forms, takes an integrated approach to people and performance. Our mission is to help leaders activate organizations to achieve their highest aspirations—productively, meaningfully, profitably, and with impact.

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