Debbie Bing

Debbie Bing

CFAR Principal Debbie Bing has been named as the firm’s next President. She will succeed Lynn Oppenheim—one of the firm’s original founders—in January 2016. 

Ensuring the firm’s continuity has been central to CFAR’s mission and values since our founding thirty years ago. We take leadership transitions very seriously, both in our consulting work and within our own firm. We know they mark a defining, unignorable moment in the life or an organization. A commitment to successful leadership transition is an integral part of our consulting heritage and a key element of CFAR’s founding mission. 

Since joining CFAR in 1998, Debbie emerged both as a natural leader within the firm, and as a deeply trusted advisor to her clients.  Debbie will continue her consulting support to clients as she moves into this new role.  And as a CFAR Principal, Lynn will maintain her ongoing engagement with clients.

We have planned carefully for this important transition. It represents our sustained commitment to providing CFAR’s clients with the highest quality service, whose bedrock is the deep expertise and experience of our founders, enriched with the skills, talents and energies of new generations.

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