Meet the Coaches

This is a non-comprehensive list of coaches with whom we work, meant to convey the depth, breadth, and diversity of CFAR’s extensive coaching network.

Debra Turner Bailey
Debra Turner Bailey, based in North Carolina, is an executive coach and consultant who combines 20-plus years working with organizations and individuals to develop leaders in private corporations (supply chain, information technology and RDE), colleges and universities, family-owned businesses, and the non–profit sector. Debra’s clients receive creative, people-oriented solutions to improve leadership effectiveness, achieve business results and build inclusive environments.

Her coaching clients successfully move into more responsible roles in their organizations through her insights and empowerment. Debra’s approach to coaching is to highlight that every situation a leader faces is a choice point which has desired and undesired opportunities, risks and consequences. Using a decision analysis framework, Debra helps clients determine what they want and need from each situation and how best to achieve a desired outcome, manage risks, and minimize unintended consequences.

Key areas of expertise:

  • Leadership authenticity
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Team effectiveness
  • Succession planning
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)

Debra has built a legacy as both an individual contributor valued for her ability to make a deep impact on a focus area, and as a leader who excels at strategic thinking, leading collaborative efforts, and coaching others to realize their full potential.

In her former role as Global Diversity Officer, at Corning Incorporated, Debra was responsible for developing and implementing Corning’s global diversity strategy. She led the creation and deployment of a re-branding campaign for the Global Diversity office which more closely aligned the diversity and inclusion work to Corning’s focus on Innovation. Prior to this role, Debra held roles as Strategic HR Business Partner, HR Generalist and Director of 3 HR Centers of Excellence. Debra is certified in MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator), Hogan Personality Assessment and LIFO.

Chris Bernal

Chris Bernal, based in Houston, is a leadership and executive coach and organizational development consultant who works with senior leaders and business owners to help them reach the next level of their growth and development.

Chris’ approach to coaching is built on the premise that trust is the essential factor found in all successful coaching engagements. He establishes an atmosphere of learning by doing that helps his clients increase their overall effectiveness by generating insights that lead to specific actions, with the aim of impacting key organization goals, results and culture.

Chris has a special interest in coaching clients who are looking for valuable insight into the forces that guide both individuals and companies, force that either propel them forward or cause them to fall back. He provides executive coaching from the systems perspective to help clients be effective and active agents of change within the broader scope of their organizations.

For the past 32 years, Chris has coached executives from many countries and cultures. Fully bi-cultural, he understands the dynamics at play when people from different countries work together in global organizations. Chris is an entrepreneur with ownership positions in several businesses in both the healthcare and restaurant industries.

Chris holds a MS (with honors) in Organization Development from the American University in Washington, D.C. in conjunction with National Training Laboratories. He is certified in Hogan, the Birkman Method©, and the Management feedback System© coaching process as well as several 360 multi-rater instruments including Lominger’s 360. He holds a coaching certificate from CoachLab International. Chris is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Linda Brown

Linda Brown, based in Cleveland, is an executive and team coach who brings her unique experience as a business leader to support her clients’ development and goals. She works not only with senior executives, but also with high potential and early- and mid-career professionals who are motivated to learn how to lead a dynamic and thriving organization or team.

Her successful approach with her clients begins with their leadership and career aspirations, understanding the context of their work, and then inviting them to experiment with different leadership approaches that will help them reach their goals. Her clients say that she understands the challenges today’s leaders face and is creative, yet practical, in their work together.

With Linda’s coaching, her clients become more aware of how their behavior impacts others, and how to use both their strengths and even their “flat spots” to inspire and lead in different ways. She helps them develop the confidence and vision that allows them to navigate the ambiguities, complexities, and demands they face.

Linda’s business experience and training informs her approach to executive development. She holds a strong belief in people’s ability to grow and change, given good tools and support. Her clients include organizations in healthcare, aerospace, manufacturing, nonprofit, education, gas and oil, scientific research, public sector, financial and legal services, and family businesses among others.

Linda earned a PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, BAs in Psychology and Sociology, some MBA coursework, and post-doc studies in Gestalt coaching. She enjoys an active lifestyle including skiing, hiking, music, and cooking.

Ellen Chernack

Ellen Chernack, based in Williamsburg, VA, is a non-profit consultant specializing in working with leaders in areas of governance, management, and fundraising to create operational efficiencies and alignment of staffing in support of organizational goals.

A results oriented professional who takes time to assess each client’s needs thoughtfully, Ellen understands that each engagement is unique, requiring understanding an organization’s mission, vision, values, and specific goals and challenges. Her strength and impact as a coach serves to elevate client understanding for and appreciation of the unique features of non-profit operations.

Ellen’s career experience spans several decades in various positions at Jewish Federations in Virginia, including serving as CEO of the Jewish Community Federation of Richmond. She also spent 10 years consulting, primarily with Jewish Federations in Palm Beach, Atlanta, San Antonio, St. Louis, and Rhode Island.

Ellen holds a BA in History from Long Island University in Brooklyn.

Dwight Clarke

Dwight Clarke, located in Boston Massachusetts, works with a range of professional clients, from emerging leaders to established C-suite executives. He specializes in identifying and coaching high-potential talent to help them to develop and hone their leadership skill.

With over 20 years of experience practicing the science of leadership and development in multiple settings, Dwight provides a holistic coaching experience. A typical engagement consists of a conducting a comprehensive 360 assessment, creating a detailed action plan based on the results, and subsequent coaching.

Described by his clients as energetic, strong, funny, innovative, and human, Dwight leverages his experience in working with every level of an organization—considering many vantage points and perspectives to deliver practical and motivational roadmaps for his clients to follow.

As a coach, facilitator, and HR leader, he has worked in settings including financial services, insurance, utilities, retail, and pharmaceuticals. This diversity of perspective allows Dwight to recognize and create solutions that are innovative and uniquely tailored to the situation.

Dwight holds a MS in Social Work from Columbia University and is an IPEC-certified Executive Coach.


Linda Cohan

Linda Cohan is an executive coach based in Boston. She engages with leaders at all levels to develop cultures that increase productivity, morale, and trust.

With over 25 years of combined experience in clinical social work, human resource consulting and executive coaching, Linda has worked with countless leaders across a number of diverse professions to create a climate that achieve results by inspiring others. Linda achieves this with her clients by developing competencies that impact leadership performance, including: inner focus for self-awareness and self-management, outer focus for empathy and interpersonal effectiveness, and systems focus for vision and purpose.

Linda serves on the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council, and was part of the faculty team that led entry-level training programs for 90 attorneys and CEOs in Madrid Spain in 2013, in Bilbao Spain in 2015 and in Turin Italy in 2016. She has been a speaker at the Mass Bar Association and has presented at the International Association of Collaborative Professionals Forum in Washington, DC.

Linda holds a BA and MSW from Boston University, an advanced coaching certification through Success Unlimited Network, and certification through Lynne Learning Labs to train and use the Index for Emotional Intelligence assessment tool. She is also trained in mediation through the Worcester Community Action Council and is collaboratively trained though the International Association of Collaborative Professionals.

Tracy Cyr

Tracy Cyr, based in Boston area, is a global talent management leader who actively works with professionals and leaders at all levels and across many industries. She is diligent in identifying talent opportunities and solving challenges to increase effectiveness and impact of individuals and/or teams.

Tracy has over 20 years of diverse experience where she has consulted, partnered, and coached to facilitate growth of leadership and businesses to achieve their potential. She actively listens, brainstorms and collaborates with clients to target and design the best solution to reach success and deliver value.

Tracy has the ability and energy to connect with clients and their complex businesses to discover needs and strategies to close organizational gaps. Creative and resilient in working with stakeholders to fulfill expectations, Tracy customizes her approach with each client to ensure maximum relevance and efficacy.

Tracy has been focused on people, development, and organizational effectiveness throughout her education and career. She has worked with clients across the globe and an extended (three-year) stay in Germany expanded her life and perspectives on all fronts. She effectively embraces change and challenge to enhance skills and operations through in-depth collaborations and consulting.

Tracy holds a BA in Psychology from Dickinson College and an MA in Industrial Organizational Psychology from the University of New Haven. A committed lifelong learner, Tracy continues her professional development through ongoing certifications in coaching, leadership, and assessments, which she leverages in client engagements.

Richard Dana

Richard Dana, Ed.D., is a Boston-based leadership and executive coach with extensive experience as a business psychologist, consultant, and educator. Working with senior executives and management teams, Richard focuses on leadership and team development, communications, and successful execution of strategic initiatives

Richard’s strength as a consultant lies in his unique ability to identify the cultural climate and business challenges of an organization, while understanding the dynamics and challenges that individual business leaders face. By resolving “people issues” and building strong teams, Richard helps clients improve their workplace environment and bottom-line results.

Richard’s clients include start-ups, mid-phase and large corporations, closely-held businesses, family firms, secondary schools, and colleges. Richard’s strong background in business, education and psychology differentiates his work in coaching, assessment and organizational consulting. This integrated skill set is particularly helpful for executives and teams in developing leadership competencies, bridging skill gaps, and building capabilities required for success.

Richard’s coaching and business consulting emerged naturally from his leadership of the highly regarded Dana Group Associates (DGA), a multi-disciplinary human services organization that he founded, grew, and later sold. His experience leading DGA from start-up to mature business provides him a deep, first-hand understanding of the issues business leaders face in varying economic climates.

A Licensed Psychologist, Richard received his B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley and his Ed.D. in Counseling Psychology from Boston University. He held an appointment as Instructor in Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard University Medical School for more than a decade and he is listed by the Council for the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology.

Joanne Derr

Joanne Derr is an executive coach who works with senior leaders stepping up to a new level of leadership who need to think and act strategically in order to gain greater success for both themselves and their teams.

Joanne has a deep understanding of corporate culture, strategy, and operations, allowing her to naturally link clients’ coaching goals to their business’ success. Utilizing her signature coaching process and assessment tools, Joanne helps her clients to first become aware of their strengths and their obstacles to changing desired behaviors, and then to understand why and how those behaviors have impacted others. Only then does she move to action planning with her client. Through this process, clients report an experience that is exciting, powerful, honest, humorous, authentic, eye-opening, and action-oriented, facilitating behavioral changes that move them forward to achieve more than they ever expected.

Joanne’s collaborative, direct, and results-oriented style supports her clients to create measurable, noticeable, and lasting change and success. Her clients have been promoted into C-suite and vice president roles, turned around challenging relationships, and improved their executive presence as measured by peers. For clients onboarding into new executive roles, Joanne has helped improve time productivity by 50%.

Joanne has over 25 years of executive and business experience in both the private and public sectors. She was previously Vice President of Human Resources at, the Neighborhood Health Plan, and the University of Massachusetts Medical School. At Bay Networks/Nortel Networks and at Digital Equipment Corporation, Joanne was a leader in mergers and acquisitions as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion. As an executive coach, Joanne’s clients have included Johns Hopkins Medical School, Oxfam America, Jewish Vocational Services, Ginko Bioworks, Toast, Atrium Health, Basset Healthcare, and Babson College.

Joanne is an International Coaching Federation-Certified Professional Coach and has trained at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. She holds her BS in Education and MS in Counseling, both from Boston University. She is also certified in several feedback tools including the Bates Executive Presence Indicator.

James Desrosiers

James (Jim) Desrosiers, M.M., based in Massachusetts, has been assisting organizations, executives, and young people with goals achievement for nearly 30 years. Through his hands-on coaching and developmental programs, Jim’s clients master the skills of goal identification, goal setting, and time management, and enhance their personal productivity.

Jim’s organizational development work includes working with C-suite executives to optimize the work environment and culture by identifying and implementing change to maximize relationships, trust, efficiency, and productivity. He coaches people at all levels of the organization and helps them become aware of their key strengths and opportunities for personal

As the President and Founder of GROWTHco, Jim has written over 25 soft skill training courses and taught the essential skills of leadership, feedback and coaching, conflict resolution, delegation, communication, team building, and negotiations…to name just a few.

Jim has a strong passion for helping children. He implemented his Student Success program with the National Guard to improve success with youth in high schools nationwide, positively impacting over 100,000 students. The schools where Jim’s programs were implemented saw increased grades, decreased dropout and suicide rates, and reduced gang activity.

Jim lives in Groton, Massachusetts with his wife of over 25 years. They have three children and four grandchildren. He enjoys gatherings with family and friends, nature, outdoor muscle powered sports, car racing, and watching the green grass grow. Jim has a real and holistic nature about him and everyone he works with enjoys an increase to both their professional and personal success.

Jim holds an MS in Management from Cambridge College, with a dual concentration in Leadership in Human and Organizational Development and Non-Profit Organization.

Jennifer Feldman

Jennifer Feldman, based in Boston, is a leadership and executive coach who has helped numerous professionals position themselves so they can be more successful at work. 

With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare technology and services industry, Jennifer has worked with multiple C-Suite executives from startups, growth stage and established companies. She has built marketing departments and worked with sales teams to develop corporate brands, messaging and positioning. Jennifer understands the importance of how companies and their leaders are perceived in the marketplace. Knowing how one is perceived is the key to understanding one’s personal leadership style and is the impetus to driving change. Leaders shape the culture and set the tone of the organization and are often unaware of the impact they make.

Jennifer has a talent for helping leaders make their best impact on the organization. She understands the dynamics and challenges that business leaders face in motivating and retaining employees to improve operational and financial performance.

Over her career, Jennifer has had extensive business and leadership experience. In 2007, she became the first employee as Director of Marketing at Connance, a healthcare analytics and technology company. She assisted in the company’s growth for 10 years and it was acquired in 2018 by Waystar. Prior to joining Connance, Jennifer ran her own independent healthcare consulting business for six years, where she worked closely with executives and CEOs of various companies, including Athenahealth and Sleep Health Centers. Previously, as a healthcare management consultant at Beacon Partners, Jennifer worked with hospital leaders nationwide in operational improvement.

Jennifer has a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from William James College. She has Masters in Public Administration in health finance and management from New York University, and a BA in economics from Simmons College.

Bob Glover

Bob Glover, based in Boston, is a media and presentation skills coach. He is a seasoned communicator with over thirty years’ experience in broadcasting, marketing, and management. Bob is an Emmy-winning producer, manager, and on-air presenter of public affairs, entertainment, and children’s programs, and is a firm believer in the power and ability of stories to create a context for better understanding.

Bob is a storyteller whose production credits include Frontline, Sesame Street, Zoom, Peter, Paul and Mommy Too!, Ready to Go!, Rebop, and The Mort Sahl Show, as well as numerous national and local public affairs and entertainment programs for WBZ-TV (Boston), WGBH-TV (Boston), and WNET-TV (New York), along with corporate education programs for Disney, US West, and Simon & Shuster. Bob’s work has been recognized by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, the New England Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Action for Children’s Television, the National Association of Broadcasters, the American Children’s Television Festival, and the National Association of Television Program Executives.

He is also the recipient of the Parents Choice Award and the Award for Excellence in Children’s Programming. Bob’s management credits include Executive Director of the Boston Film/Video Foundation, Executive Vice President of BBK Communications/BBK Patient Recruitment, and an Executive Producer of the WGBH Educational Foundation.

Marsha Hurwitz
Marsha Hurwitz, based in Atlanta, is a fundraising coach who guides non-profits on resource development strategies. Marsha served as Chief Operating Officer for the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund of San Francisco, prior to which she spent 10 years as CEO and President of the Jewish Community Federation of Columbus. Throughout her professional career, Marsha has chaired and served on many national and international philanthropic and leadership committees and boards.

Before Columbus, Marsha worked in her home state of Virginia serving as the Executive Director of the Jewish Community Federation in Richmond. She also served as Acting Director of the Richmond Federation’s Endowment Fund, and held senior positions with Jewish Family Services and the Tidewater Federation. Marsha received her B.S. in Nursing Home Administration from Medical College of Virginia and a Master’s degree in Gerontology from Virginia Commonwealth University.

James R. Jandl

James Jandl, based in the Boston area, is a leadership consultant and executive coach whose career has been dedicated to the growth and development of leaders in a variety of industries and settings.

He brings a unique perspective to his work, having more than 35 years of international business experience in general management and HR, combined with his work as a clinical therapist. Across his work in a wide range of industries, James has focused on emerging, high-growth settings where the development of leaders is imperative for the future success of those organizations.

When working with individual leaders or leadership teams, James’ experience as a therapist, business leader, and college professor allow him to see things from a number of different perspectives not often considered by others. Ultimately, James’ focus is on the growth of the individual and the impact that can have on the organization as a whole.

His business experience has focused primarily on start-up, turn-around, and high-growth settings for organizations including ASGN/Oxford Global Resources, Iron Mountain Records Management, Sheraton Hotel Corporation, and Beacon Hotel Corporation. He served for many years as Executive Vice President for On Assignment’s, Oxford Segment, an international provider of contract consulting and permanent placement services in the IT, software, engineering, life sciences, and digital and mobility sectors. He has extensive experience in all areas of HR and organizational development, with particular focus on management development and growth of the individual. James has also teaches at the Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies and the Curtis L. Gerrish School of Business, both at Endicott College.

James has coaching certification from the Babson Executive Education Program. He holds a BA and a Masters in Psychology from the University of West Georgia and has attended law classes at Oral Roberts University.

Nancy K. Kaufman

Nancy K. Kaufman, based in NYC, is a seasoned executive who focuses on working with women leaders to increase their effectiveness as senior managers and advance their careers.

Building on her many years working in the non-profit (secular and Jewish) and government sectors, Nancy brings extensive knowledge and keen insights on organizational culture to helping clients analyze and strategize ways to optimize their roles, improve their workplaces, and advance their own career paths.

Nancy has a gift for helping leaders become their best selves as they navigate challenging workplace situations and helping them stay focused on “doing what only they can do”—and doing it well.

As a breaker of many glass ceilings, Nancy is keenly aware of the particular challenges faced by women in the workplace. She first became a CEO at the age of 28 as the founding director of an anti-poverty agency north of Boston. Since that time she has held senior management positions in local and state government and has been the leader of two Jewish non-profit organizations, one local and one national. She also has served as a volunteer board leader and understands the intricacies and dynamics of boards.

Kaufman holds a BA from Brandeis University, an MSW in community organization and planning from Boston College, an MPA from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, and an honorary doctorate in Public Service from Northeastern University. She has a certificate in coaching from Presence-Based Coaching as well as many professional awards and recognition.

Richard Koonce

Richard (Rick) Koonce, based in Boston, is an accomplished leadership coach who has worked with executives and teams across five continents over the last 23 years. The co-author of six books on leadership, including Growing Leaders (ATD, 2001) he has coached executives at all levels, from the C-suite to high-potential new leaders, in a wide variety of industries including: biopharma, healthcare, aerospace, banking, professional services, financial services, creative services, family businesses, and manufacturing.

Rick’s passion is helping executives and managers lead change, build strong teams, enhance their leadership presence and effectiveness, and communicate with key stakeholders and constituencies. Leading with curiosity, Rick’s coaching involves a rigorous process of asking probing questions, generating self-reflection, building trust and rapport, and helping coachees develop clear (and measurable) coaching goals.

Clear agreement is struck, early in a coaching engagement, to align coaching goals with business strategy and to address existing/emerging skills gaps or professional development priorities. As coaching proceeds, various methods are used to accelerate and facilitate the learning process and to gauge progress. Methods used include 360 assessments, stakeholder interviews, and various “dialogic” tools to help leaders strengthen their leadership and influence with others.

Rick is a long-time executive coach to the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where he coaches in the MBA, EMBA, and Advanced Management programs. He also serves as a coach to the McColl School of Business at Queens University in Charlotte, NC. Prior to becoming an executive coach, Rick worked for 15 years as a senior consultant to PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting and IBM. Earlier work experience includes sales experience with AT&T and eight years as a print and broadcast journalist and commentator.

Richard holds a BA from the College of William and Mary and an MA from Georgetown University, and is a graduate of the Georgetown Institute of Transformational Leadership. He is an International Coaching Federation- and Hogan Assessment-certified coach, and is also certified in the CCL Suite of Leadership Assessments and the MBTI, FIRO-B, and EQI Assessments. Richard is contributing author to Chief Learning Officer Magazine, HR Executive, and numerous other publications.

Megan Laufman

Megan Laufman, based in Los Angeles, is an executive and leadership coach who works with mid- and senior-level professionals. She guides her clients in working through management challenges, cultural dynamics, transitions, meeting performance aspirations, and more.

Megan approaches her clients using a holistic approach, drawing on head, heart, spirit and the environment around the client as the guiding tools to deepen awareness and lead to transformation. Her coaching practice incorporates goal setting and intentionally discovering what may be blocking progress, offering a shift in thinking and adjustments to behavior.

Megan is relationship- and results-oriented, reflective, and curious by nature. She brings empathy, good listening, and a calm and direct nature to lead clients from behind in inspiring change and progress.

Prior to becoming a coach, Megan spent 14 years in executive search, working with two global, retained executive search firms. Megan has served hundreds of clients in their transformation and talent needs and has successfully placed senior-level executives in publicly-held and privately-owned companies.

Megan is currently receiving her Coach Certification from The Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara and is certified in Predictive Index. She holds a BA in Communications from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Morlie Hammer Levin

Morlie Levin, who divides her time between Israel and Massachusetts, is an executive coach who focuses on developing the leadership skills of early-stage executives to amplify the impact of both their team and the broader organization. She brings a unique set of analytical and professional skills to her clients and is known for working with high-potential organizations and executives to achieve their goals.

Morlie brings extensive executive experience to her coaching practice, affording her deep insight into politics and power, funder/investor relations, strategic story development, and pattern recognition. She helps shape strategy and evaluate alternatives, develop organizational capacity to achieve results, craft team cultures that foster professional development and growth, and fine-tune board and executive relations.

Morlie was most recently the CEO of NEXT, the alumni division of the Birthright Israel Foundation, and before that served as the National Executive Director of Hadassah developing sophisticated team-building policies and procedures and fine-tuning the strategic direction of each organization. She was also the Vice President of Strategic Planning and Donor Initiatives at the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles where she launched LA’s first Jewish Venture Philanthropy Fund.

Before entering the Jewish communal field, Morlie honed her unique skillset at the RAND Corporation where, among other activities, she developed strategic planning and survey methodologies for international clients in both the public and governmental sectors. She also ran her own consulting firm focusing on strategic planning and marketing for Fortune 100 companies.

Morlie holds a BA from UCLA and a MA in Policy Analysis from Claremont Graduate School, where she studied under Peter Drucker. She has also taken numerous coaching seminars and training sessions.

Richard Levin

Dr. Richard Levin, based in Boston, is widely recognized as one of the first executive coaches. He is one of a half-dozen global leaders who have created and shaped the coaching profession since its inception in the 1980’s.

Richard is a leadership developer, trusted business advisor, television commentator, and newspaper columnist with a special knack for bringing successful people together.

As the founder and principal of Richard Levin & Associates (the first executive coaching firm, and the first network of independent executive coaches); as co-author of the popular and powerful book Shared Purpose: Working Together to Build Strong Families and High Performance Companies; and as a founder of Boston University’s Center on Work and Family, Richard has stretched the boundaries of creativity, inclusiveness, and collaboration to build extraordinary organizations.

Richard’s clients have included corporations, medical practices, family-owned businesses, law firms, accounting firms, and not-for-profit organizations. His clients have included Walmart, Fidelity, Gillette, Timberland, American Express, AT&T, State Street Bank, Biogen, Bristol Myers Squibb, Merck, BJ’s Wholesale Club, and many, many others.

Richard has been interviewed by most major newspapers, radio stations, and television news programs. For 20 years he co-wrote a newspaper column, As We Live and Work, with one of his mentors, Dr. Barrie Sanford Greiff (published in the Boston Business Journal and syndicated widely), and for many years was a regular commentator on the PBS Nightly Business Report. In addition, Richard has written several publications on flexible benefits, work/life stress, and family businesses. His 1992 article, “The Family Circle: Psychological Issues and the Family Business,” was selected by the Family Firm Institute as one of the ten best articles on family business, and was republished in the book The Best of Behavioral Science. His 2001 White Paper on Children’s Reactions to Stress was distributed globally by the United Nations the day after the tragic events of 9/11.

Richard received his BA and MA from Brandeis University and his Ed.D. from Boston University. He is certified in the Hogan Personality Inventory.

Sara Miller-Paul

Sara Miller-Paul, Coaching Practice Manager, Consultant, and Facilitator, is based in the greater Boston area. In addition to her client-facing roles, she has also served as Richard Levin & Associates’ Managing Director—overseeing a number of marketing and operational initiatives, and striving to understand the needs of potential clients in order to connect them with the best coaches, consultants, and facilitators. As Coaching Practice Manager, Sara connects the administrative piece of the work with coaches and clients, and strategizes for communication externally and internally.

As a coach, Sara prioritizes developing trusting relationships with her clients, such that shared goals and challenges alike can be approached with understanding and strategic savvy. She enjoys helping clients find creative solutions that position them for success and believes that learning across organizations and fields can yield strong results.

Sara has previously worked in Providence, Rhode Island at a campus-based organization devoted to student engagement and education, as well as with organizations such as a museum, an arts institute, and a women’s shelter abroad. She has a BA from Brandeis University. A graduate of the MBA program at the Heller School for Public Policy, also at Brandeis, Sara devoted her graduate fieldwork to a diversity of competencies: education, data analysis, and human resources policy research. Sara has also completed the “Facilitation for Community Engagement” training through Essential Partners.

Gennifer Miller Dornstreich

Gennifer Dornstreich, based in Philadelphia, is an executive coach providing leadership development and coaching services for executives, entrepreneurs, and high potential individuals seeking to develop the skills necessary to build strong teams, deliver authentic impact, and show up powerfully in their work.

Gennifer specializes in helping clients develop a high degree of emotional intelligence; improve their executive presence, and communication skills; learn how to increase conscious, intuitive decision-making; and find greater fulfillment in their careers through the alignment of career potential and self-mastery.

Through their work with Gennifer, clients learn coaching techniques and strategies to uncover the true potential within their teams and across their professional relationships.

Gennifer began her career as an entrepreneur, launching a digital magazine for women of color in 2005, transitioning to coaching and consulting in 2012. Her entrepreneurial background helps clients think “intra-preneurially” within organizations—challenging them to think creatively, build strong relationships, and manage internal blocks to bold action.

Gennifer is Certified in Core Energy Coaching™ from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. She is a Master Practitioner of the ELI Assessment tool—a proprietary, research-backed attitudinal assessment designed to illuminate how an individual’s mindset impacts leadership effectiveness; the ELI was previously featured Forbes as one of the top assessment tools for executives. Gennifer holds her BA from Tufts University and her MBA from Babson College.

Monika Moss-Gransberry

Monika Moss-Gransberry, based in Cleveland, works with C-suite leaders and their directors and managers. She has over 30 years of experience consulting and coaching across a diverse set of industries, including the non-profit and government sectors, arts, education, healthcare, and social service.

As a coach, Monika’s intention is to support the leader in getting clear about the work they will do together and to set measurable goals. Her approach allows the leader to be held in a confidential relationship so that they can explore, together, issues and challenges, strengths, and opportunities in a safe place. She helps leaders explore choices and the impact of those choices—so that they are ready to address whatever is coming their way in a proactive and strategic fashion.

Monika’s clients say that she provides support while challenging their thinking in ways that help them find clarity, make good choices, and gain powerful insights into their own thinking and the situations they face. As a coach, Monika’s goal is always to move to new levels of self-mastery—so that leaders can play with all 52 cards in their deck.

Monika’s decades of experience as a consultant, coach, entrepreneur, and organizational executive allows her to ground her coaching work in real world, practical ways. She is on the faculty of both the Goldman Sachs10K Small Business Program, where she teaches “You are the Leader” and “It’s the People,” as well as the Gestalt Organizational Systems Development (OSD) Center where she co-chairs the OSD Weekend Program and the Use of Self Program.

Monika holds a BFA from Howard University and an MFA from Columbia University. She is a Gestalt OSD Center-Certified Coach and Gestalt Practitioner, an Institute of Cultural Affairs-certified in ToP Facilitator, and has attended the National Coalition Building Institute’s Diversity Leadership training program.

Mike Nikitas

Mike Nikitas advises and coaches leaders in all fields to better communicate internally and externally, whether in-person or remotely, with key stakeholders and the media. He specializes in media training, presentation and performance skills, and public speaking.

Mike coaches individuals and groups, one-time or ongoing, in positive, hands-on, participatory sessions. He works with clients to reduce fear and increase confidence in traditional news media interactions, Zoom/remote settings, speeches, expert panels, TED-style talks, and presentations.

He understands the critical value of successful communication for leaders in all fields. He focuses on the need to make technical messages broadly understandable—creating engagement and action.

Mike is an adjunct professor of “Media Strategy and Skills” at the graduate Carsey School of Public Policy at the University of New Hampshire, and also teaches at the Brandeis University Executive MBA for Physicians program.

His communications expertise is rooted in journalism. He is a former five-time Emmy nominee as Outstanding TV News Anchor in the Boston/New England region, and has been inducted into the prestigious Silver Circle of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.  He interviewed countless newsmakers in 36 years as a news and business journalist.

Mike holds a BA in Political Science from the University of New Hampshire, Durham, and a Masters in Communications with a Public Relations concentration from Southern New Hampshire University.

Malachi O'Connor

Malachi O’Connor, CFAR Principal, has worked for more than 20 years with senior executives in a broad range of for-profit and non-profit organizations. He works with leaders to implement systemic changes that strengthen cultural values while measurably improving performance and productivity. He has worked in many industries, including healthcare and life sciences, insurance and financial services, foundations and higher education, and has contributed significantly to the development of CFAR’s change methodology.

Trained as an ethnographer, Mal helps organizations meet the challenges of changing behavior in the service of new strategic imperatives. This makes him particularly attuned to how people think—to why and how differences matter, and to the impact those differences have on achieving desired results. He works with clients to harness the often-tacit beliefs and assumptions of employees, managers and leaders, working with, rather than against resistance to generate improved performance. His work has included strategy and system-wide strategic change, board and executive development, team building, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, performance management and the business case for cultural diversity.

Mal is an experienced speaker and meeting facilitator. He has spoken to both large and small executive audiences in corporations, trade associations, executive education programs, and industry and other business groups. Some of these include The Conference Board, the American College of Healthcare Executives, ELAM, The Healthcare Business Women’s Association, the National Center for State Courts, Yankee Alliance, the American Pediatrics Association, as well as the leadership teams of numerous CFAR clients.

Mal is co-author of The Moment You Can’t Ignore: When Big Trouble Leads to a Great Future, published by PublicAffairs Books in October 2014.
Mal holds a BA in English Literature from Fairfield University, and a Ph.D. in Folklore and Folklife from the University of Pennsylvania. He is a member of the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations, ACHE Massachusetts, the American Folklore Society, NEHI, and the A.K. Rice Institute, and is a faculty member in the Program in Organizational Consultation at the William Alanson White Institute, and at the Cornell University School of Industrial Relations.

Sally Ourieff

Sally Ourieff, MD, has over 25 years of experience as a physician, corporate and healthcare leader, and executive consultant and coach. She works with C-suite executives to ensure their leadership has impact and to help them align their team and systems to drive strategic and operational goals.

Sally brings deep expertise in organizational systems, change management, individual and team dynamics, and behavior change. She partners with executives seeking to expand their leadership impact, take on a new role, reshape unproductive management styles, or manage rapid growth or emerging risks and opportunities. She also works directly with teams to develop alignment, high performance, and productive team culture.

Her specific medical and science background allows her to help subject matter and technical experts rise up into executive positions.

Sally helps C-suite executives navigate the speed and complexity of their current world. As a coach, Sally helps leaders understand where they are, see clearly where they want to go, and understand how to get there.

Sally’s clients range from start-ups to Fortune 25 companies in multiple industries, including health care, pharmaceuticals, academia, biotech, retail, finance, and sports. She is a leadership facilitator in executive education at Harvard Business School and on the faculty at Brandeis University where she teaches in their Executive MBA for mid-career physicians. Sally was a Founding Fellow and advisor of the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School and co-founded The Boston Executive Coaching Round Table, a group of Boston’s leading executive advisors. She is also on the Board of Directors of several Boston nonprofits

Sally holds an AB in Human Biology from Stanford University and received her MD from Harvard Medical School. She is certified in multiple individual, team, and 360 assessments including Hogan, LSI, DiSC, Kantor, MBTI, Zengor Folkman, and others.

Leto Papadopoulos
Leto Papadopoulos, based in Boston, is an ICF-certified coach and an organizational development consultant. She combines her corporate and consulting experience by identifying needs and opportunities to accelerate growth through individual coaching and programming.

As a coach, Leto has worked with high-potential professionals to help empower them to gain confidence and assertiveness in the workplace, improve team communication, as well as create and maintain a positive quality of life by helping them identify priorities and learning to say no, when necessary. She is also experienced in conducting 360 assessments and working with her clients to make positive and productive changes based on the feedback they receive.

In addition, Leto is skilled in facilitation and workshop design and delivery. She has facilitated many team meetings and brainstorming sessions, and especially likes creating and delivering workshops on topics such as career transition, branding, and networking.

Leto previously worked as an outplacement consultant, where she helped many individuals of all levels successfully transition into new roles, and many times into new fields. In this capacity, she gained an understanding of many industries, including non-profit, medical device, finance, high technology, and others. She finds that many of the same themes or issues arise in organizations, regardless of the industry.

Leto holds a BA in Psychology from Drew University, and an MA in Organizational Psychology from William James College. She earned her ICF certification through The Coaches Training Institute, and is certified in the MBTI.

John Poirier

John Poirier, Ed.D., based in Boston, is an executive coach with expertise in Human Resources Development and Management. As part of his practice, John takes on the roles of coach, consultant, trainer, and facilitator to help clients develop the competencies they need to enhance organizational effectiveness, team learning, and individual performance. John’s combined expertise in Business and HRD allows him to directly link people strategy to business strategy. His varied experiences as a corporate manager, management consultant and college professor help him relate to clients using their own frames of reference.

As an executive coach with an MBA, John is particularly effective with C-Suite clients given his ability to quickly understand contextual business challenges. He has worked with executives at EMD Serono, Fidelity Investments, Liberty Mutual, Parexel and Putnam Investments. Clients include identified high potentials as well as many individuals focused on improved leadership effectiveness. As a consultant with SPHR certification, he has helped hundreds of HR professionals with their functions and their own professional development, with projects at CVS, UMASS Memorial Medical Center, and Wachovia. John has also facilitated many off-site meetings for organizations such as John Hancock and Aon Hewitt. As a trainer, he has logged countless hours leading management development programs for managers from all functional disciplines. Public sector clients have included not for profit organizations such as the Seven Hills Foundation and government agencies such as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, NASA and the US Forest Service.

Dr. Poirier is also a Lecturer in the department of Management at Bryant University where he teaches courses in Human Resources Management and Organizational Behavior.

John earned his Doctor of Education degree from Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He also holds an MBA from Bryant University and a Master of Science in Organizational Development from American University in Washington, D.C. John also holds the SHRM-SCP designation from Society for Human Resource Management and SPHR from the HR Certification Institute.

Hilary Potts

Hilary Potts is a leadership change strategist and executive coach who advises leaders to successfully execute business strategies, implement organizational change, and smoothly advance into new roles. She draws upon a strong foundation of practical business experience, extensive consulting expertise, and deep transformational practices. Hilary’s passion is to bring out the best in people in order to achieve positive outcomes.

With over three decades of experience in leading and advising organizations, Hilary knows firsthand the importance of leadership in creating and implementing strategies to grow healthy organizations. Hilary serves as an advisor to some of the world’s most prominent companies across numerous industries. She has worked with thousands of leaders—from established Fortune 500 businesses to early startups, spanning many geographies in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Hilary advises leaders and organizations to implement strategies to fast-track into new roles and guides leaders in navigating the cultural aspects of strategic initiatives such as pre- and post-merger integrations and reorganizations.

Drawing on her expertise, Hilary is the author of The Executive Transition Playbook: Strategies for Starting Strong, Staying Focused, and Succeeding in Your New Leadership Role. The book offers senior leaders’ powerful principles and practices to achieve a smarter, smoother transition during a leader’s first 90 days and beyond. Hilary’s second book, The Truth About Change: A Leader’s Guide to Successfully Executing Change Initiatives, reveals the pitfalls leaders can encounter and lays out a clear path to leading change throughout an organization. Hilary’s recent book, Change-Up: How Executives Lead Change and Deliver Results, provides practical strategies for leaders to execute the changes to accelerate and sustain results.

Over her career, Hilary served as CEO and President for a global leader in performance-based consulting. She spent the first part of her career at a Fortune 500 chemical company, where she held various sales and business management positions.

Whether she is working with an executive in a one-on-one setting or engaging with a leadership team, Hilary ensures that the leaders she works with develop clear direction and that their teams work together to make better decisions and execute plans more efficiently. Hilary is a trusted advisor and confidante to leaders seeking to navigate today’s competitive business world with success. Hilary lives in Connecticut with her husband, Michael. When she isn’t working with leaders, she enjoys being with family, playing golf, hiking, cycling, and traveling the world.

Denise Rosenblum

Denise Rosenblum, based in Boston, is the President and Founder of Dynamic Development, a training company that specializes in developing employees to become stronger communicators, managers, and leaders.

Denise has over 25 years of training, talent assessment, professional development, and marketing experience, having worked for numerous global companies, including McCann Erickson, Young and Rubicam and Hill Holliday. Denise is a seasoned trainer, executive coach, and expert in communication skills, managing and motivating people, client service, and leadership skills.

With keen insight into people’s strengths and opportunities for growth, Denise believes that companies retain employees and build loyalty when they invest in their talent. Denise works with companies to create an environment where employees feel valued because of training, feedback, and coaching.

Prior to founding Dynamic Development in 2006, Denise worked at Arnold Worldwide as Senior Vice President, Director of Talent Development; in this role, she designed and executed training programs to meet the company’s business objectives and employee’s career development needs. Denise takes great interest in helping employees reach their fullest potential as managers and leaders. In her current role as President of Dynamic Development, Denise has an extensive track record of building successful managers and leaders and creating a motivational work environment.

Denise has a BA from Tufts University in Political Science and lives in Natick, MA with her husband Scot and sons, Matthew and Eric. In her free time, Denise exercises, listens to Audible books, travels, and loves to eat.

Annette Rubin

Annette Rubin, based in Boston, is a Certified Professional Coach and founder of Coaching to Potential. As a strategic partner, Annette is passionate about helping non-profit professionals create their own success, guide their own development, and become dynamic leaders.

With decades of experience in the non-profit sector, Annette has helped countless organizations and professionals address their challenges, strengthen their leadership and strategic skills, clarify values, create a vision for the future, and develop goals and action plans for change. She supports non-profit leaders, both staff and board, to enhance individual and team performance, improve working relationships and achieve success.

Annette’s clients describe her as astute, thoughtful, and intuitive—a creative, seasoned leader and coach. Her coaching services have been a powerful professional development tool for staff and leadership and have led to positive culture change, enhanced productivity, improved management and more effective leadership. Annette has provided direction and motivation to clients, employees, partners, and colleagues and has increased the scope and impact of many organizations.

Annette’s successful coaching techniques are based on more than 20 years of experience. She created and led the Cardiovascular Wellness Center at Brigham and Women’s Hospital; developed Boston Children’s Chorus from a start-up to an innovative, internationally renowned organization; led Executive Service Corps of New England through extensive growth and restructuring; directed organization expansion and new program development at Project Bread/The Walk for Hunger; and headed the Office of Community Economic Development for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Her coaching clients have included the Broad Institute, the Boston Foundation, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Cambridge Community Foundation, CJP, Jewish Family Services of Metro West, Mass Audubon Society, Edvestors, West End House, Italian Home for Children, Facing History, and others.

Annette is an IPEC-certified professional coach. She holds an MA in City and Regional Planning from Rutgers University Graduate School of Urban Planning and Policy Development, a BA from Clark University, and was a Fulbright Scholar in Mexico. She speaks fluent Spanish.

Teri Sica

Teri Sica is a fully licensed psychotherapist with a private practice in Scituate, MA. Her work focuses on helping her clients to discover joy and become their best “authentic self” by reconnecting with their “inner child,” aligning with/following their “truths,” getting out of their comfort zones, and learning to be compassionate to themselves.

Teri serves clients (individuals and teams) who are motivated to change and grow, working to address a wide variety of life struggles including life transitions, interpersonal conflicts, communication issues, work/life balance, self-esteem building, managing stress, depression, anxiety, and challenging fears.

With over 30 years of experience in private practice, Teri’s work is based upon her belief that we can learn from pain, conflict, and struggles. Her working philosophy is that challenges are opportunities that lead to authentic growth and change. While identifying core struggles and sticking points is important, Teri believes it is equally important to build upon each client’s unique strengths and talent.

Teri’s ability to quickly read/assess the dynamics of each individual, helping them to connect past experiences with present behaviors/perceptions, and move forward with clear action steps, tangible tools, and direct feedback is what makes her work unique. Teri believes that “while the past shapes us, the present is where we create from”—a notion supported by her client testimonials.

In addition to being a coach with CFAR, Teri is also a member of both the South Shore Coalition of Independent Practitioners and the National Association of Social Workers. She teaches a number of workshops across the state of MA, focusing on techniques to relax difficult emotions, enhance performance, build resilience, practice self-compassion, and discover joy. Since 2010, Teri has also previously hosted “Discovering Authenticity” on WATD 95.9 FM, featuring professionals from all walks of life to share their stories of turning challenges into opportunities.

A lifelong equestrian, Teri’s work with animals has taught her the importance of establishing trust, challenging fears, and communicating authentically were all essential ingredients in order to be an effective leader. Her article, “Business Lessons from the Equestrian Arena” was published in the Boston Business Journal in September 2005.

Teri holds a BA in psychology and an MSW degree from the University of Michigan. She is a licensed LICSW (independent practitioner) in the state of MA.

Donna Star

Donna Star, based in Boston, is an executive coach and corporate consultant who has helped countless leaders cultivate greater self-awareness, develop solid action plans, and ultimately achieve their goals, both inside and outside of the workplace. With a 30-year background in corporate America focused on providing talent acquisition marketing and software solutions to Fortune 500 companies, Donna draws upon her experience and deep understanding of how to navigate the corporate landscape to offer meaningful perspectives on all aspects of executive leadership. She is most motivated by helping her clients maximize their potential and effectiveness.

Through her coaching practice, Donna holds leaders accountable to making sustainable changes that will elevate themselves in both leadership and life. She is a seasoned business executive with expertise in sales, client, financial, and office management, as well as software sales and implementation, talent acquisition strategies, and mergers and acquisitions. Prior to becoming a full-time coach and consultant, Donna served as SVP at TMP Worldwide (now Radancy), where she was named “Best Client Relationship Manager” in the company.

Donna is a certified coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, where she also earned her COR.E Dynamics Transitions and Leadership Specialist certifications. She is an Associate Certified Coach designated by the International Coaching Federation, a certified Predictive Index Talent Optimization Consultant, and an Energy Leadership Index practitioner. She holds a BBA in Marketing from University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Vicki Stearn

Vicki Stearn, based in Washington, D.C., is a social media coach and adept communications generalist, whose wide-ranging interests enrich her creative approach to public relations and stakeholder engagement. Vicki offers extensive experience launching new products, building communications departments, and developing and implementing highly successful public relations initiatives in many arenas, including consumer high tech, consumer electronics, cable TV, satellite, radio, education, automotive, and environmental issues. One of her core competencies is bringing technical or complicated products to a consumer market.

Vicki was PR director at Sage Communications, director of corporate communications for iBiquity Digital, and was part of the management team that launched the XM Satellite Radio brand and took the company public. Part of her role at XM was developing the communications and investor relations departments.

Before joining XM, Vicki held several positions at Discovery Communications where she was responsible for designing and implementing public relations campaigns for the cable TV network’s new initiatives, including the pay-per-view service Your Choice TV, BBC America, Discovery Multimedia, and Discovery Education.

Previously, Vicki was Manager of Communications for Showtime Networks, responsible for local-market publicity campaigns across the United States, including the award-winning Funniest Person in America talent search. Prior to Showtime, Vicki was the managing editor of Videography magazine and before that production assistant for Boston’s then ABC affiliate, WNAC-TV. Vicki holds a degree in broadcast journalism from Boston University, where she was news editor of The Daily Free Press.

David Teutsch

David Teutsch, based in Philadelphia, is a coach and non-profit consultant who helps with strategic planning, crisis management, and managing sexual or financial malfeasance and staff relationships.

David works closely with executives and board chairs to help them first identify and then proactively work to achieve their organizational goals. He is an experienced mentor and supervisor who bring systems theory and broad management experience to his engagements.

An experienced non-profit leader who was president of a seminary/divinity school for a decade, David has also been a consultant to congregations and other non-profits for over 40 years. An excellent listener, diagnostician, and strategist, David works to intentionally develop strong partnerships with those who engage him.

Much of his approach is rooted in what he learned studying social systems at Wharton, which was foundational in building his approach to strategic planning, organizational culture, the ethical strand in organizational life, and the function of organizations as systems—an approach he has refined over his decades of experience as an executive and consultant. Whether working with a congregation or a large non-profit, David focuses on the needs and intentions of leaders and organizations.

David holds a Ph.D. in social systems sciences from the Wharton School, an MA and MHL degrees from Hebrew Union College, and a BA with honors from Harvard University.

Barry Wanger

Barry Wanger, based in Boston, is a public relations coach and President of Wanger Associates, a leading public relations agency, founded in 1984, which specializes in media relations, crisis communications, and public relations audits. Barry has won more than 25 regional and national public relations awards for his work on such projects as the robbery at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the launch of the $100 million American Business Collaboration for Quality Dependent Care, and the 50th anniversary of the Framingham Heart Study.

Prior to starting his agency, Barry served as director of public affairs for the National Endowment for the Humanities, Brandeis University, and the University of California at Santa Barbara. He also worked as a newspaper editor and political press secretary for U.S presidential, senatorial, and mayoralty campaigns. While Wanger Associates primarily focuses on serving non-profit organizations, particularly educational institutions, health care organizations, and foundations, Barry has also provided public relations support for major corporations, including IBM, AT&T, Bank of America, Stride Rite, and MobilExxon. Barry is a fellow of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and has received lifetime achievement awards from PRSA (Boston Chapter) and the Publicity Club of New England. He is a former adjunct professor of public relations at Boston University.

Suzanne Wilkins

Suzanne Wilkins, based in Boston, is a coach and organizational consultant with over 20 years of experience working with organizations and individuals to develop leaders in healthcare, higher education, retail, financial services, and non-profits. 

Suzanne coaches leaders to enhance their own performance and to create inclusive environments in which organizational goals can be achieved. As a registered drama therapist, Suzanne uses traditional coaching approaches and invites her clients to utilize embodied techniques and tools from the arts to develop critical insights into the myths, meanings, metaphors and memes that drive each leader’s behavior and effectiveness. 

As a consultant, she helps organizations develop and fully leverage the talents of their valued employees through coaching, creation and facilitation of long-term developmental experiences, training and building inclusive environments.

In her former role as Director of Program Services at The Partnership, a Boston-based firm specializing in talent development for professionals of color, Ms. Wilkins led the organization’s flagship leadership development programs and guided the firm through a six-month transition period as Interim President and CEO.

She has worked with a wide variety of clients, including Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Commonwealth Care Alliance, Massachusetts General Hospital, St. Mary’s Center for Women and Children, Tufts University, The TJX Companies, Inc., and Harvard Business School. 

Wilkins is a sought-after conference presenter on leadership development and personal transformation. She is a presenter at the Linkage Women in Leadership Institute and coaches through the Harvard Business School Executive Education programs. Wilkins has been a guest lecturer at Babson College and Bentley University, The Institute for Nonprofit Management and Leadership and on the faculty of Cambridge College. A playwright and actress, Wilkins performs Undiscovered, a one-act play on a woman’s journey through mid-life.

She earned her BA degree from Princeton University, her MA from Lesley University and her Registered Drama Therapist credential from the North American Drama Therapy Association. Wilkins has served on several non-profit boards and is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital.

Caren Croland Yanis

Caren Croland Yanis is an educator, coach, and advisor to professionals, athletes, celebrities, and family-based businesses on culture and purpose-based programming.

Caren guides leaders who find themselves at inflection points to build culture, process, and purpose. She uses executive coaching, meeting preparation and facilitation, and social asset mapping as tools to support individuals and groups in identifying opportunities for growth and being able to meet those opportunities head on.

“Begin with the end in mind,” a Stephen Covey quote, is one of Caren’s mantras when it comes to identifying success. Caren helps leaders sift through the noise to identify goals and create a path to get there. Results include improved internal communications and community engagement, development of thoughtfully designed and activated policies, and mindful preparation for future.

As the Executive Director of Oprah’s Angel Network and the Oprah Winfrey Foundations, Caren was also part of the Harpo management team from 2000 to 2009. She went on to coach family and corporate leaders on structure and engagement.

Mentoring and teaching is at the core of Caren’s work. In addition to coaching and consulting, Caren is an adjunct faculty member at Tulane University, where she teaches “Foundations of Strategic Philanthropy,” and at the University of Chicago Booth School, where she teaches the Private Wealth Management certificate program. She is a regular keynote speaker and podcast guest.

Caren holds a BA in Broadcast Journalism from Emerson College and a certificate in strategic non-profit management at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. In her spare time, Caren hosts salons that bring bold thinkers together for meaningful conversations. She has a passion for listening deeply, navigating challenges, and guiding people who have the potential to make the world a better place.

Alida Zweidler-McKay

Alida Zweidler-McKay, based in Boston, has spent 20 years as an executive coach focusing on what it takes to create working relationships that get results. She enables leaders to authentically build high-performing teams and successfully lead their organizations through challenges and change. She also works with emerging leaders to develop their executive presence, as well as delegation and communication skills, so that they can confidently step into their new roles. Her work is based on an innovative systems approach to change that works at all levels—individual, team, and organization.

Some examples of Alida’s approach to systems change through coaching is when she supported two of the world’s largest megaprojects in the petrochemical industry: a $20-plus-billion project at Chevron, and another $20-billion project for a major chemical company. She also was instrumental in a global process alignment implementation for Shell.

In addition to being an executive coach, Alida is a strategy consultant, expert facilitator, and custom workshop designer, helping teams surface, explore, and resolve difficult issues. She is a certified trainer and a Certified Master Coder in SAVI® (the System for Verbal Interaction) Communications. She is also an experienced speaker, presenting at numerous conferences, such as the Boston Business Women’s Conference, the Houston Association for Talent Development Annual Conference, the American Group Psychotherapy Association, the Systems-Centered® Training Annual Conference, and the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations.

Alida earned her Bachelor of Arts from Swarthmore College and her Master of Business Administration in Finance and Organizational Change from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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