Models for Executive Coaching

Carving out time for anything beyond the day-to-day is growing increasingly challenging for today’s busy executives. Executive coaching provides leaders with a designated time and space to reflect, receive feedback, and develop new skills. It is a journey of self-discovery that achieves business results, guided by the careful, and carefully chosen, hand of one of our coaches. paper plane icon

Individual Coaching

Executive coaching provides the opportunity, time, and place for established, new, and high-potential leaders to improve their leadership and communication skills by using the feedback from colleagues and associates to identify obstacles to success and develop roadmaps for excellence in leadership.


Coaching for Leadership Teams

Coaching for Leadership Teams develops individual team members while advancing real work that the team needs to accomplish. Each strengthens the other: the team as a whole develops greater capacity to create results, while the individual leaders enhance their agility and effectiveness.

Whether each team member is matched with a different coach, one coach works with the whole team, or some variation therein, our work is designed to create value beyond the benefit of each coaching relationship. A CFAR lead coach and project manager scan the set of coaching engagements for critical organizational themes, including blind spots and opportunities, enhancing the effectiveness of coaching and strengthening the organization with new data. The CFAR lead also ensures communication and collaboration throughout the process with the client, team members, and coaches.


Coaching and Consulting Combined

Coaching and Consulting Combined is a leading-edge innovation that maximizes the benefits of executive coaching and management consulting by harnessing them together in one project. Our hybrid model helps leaders set organizational strategy and advance key initiatives quickly through expert consultation while also building the skills of the people driving the work forward through coaching.



Coaching for Executive Transitions

Coaching for executive transitions paves the way for two-way learning, as it prepares the organization to welcome and embrace a new leader, and also prepares a new leader to enter the organization. We use feedback from colleagues and associates to identify potential obstacles to a smooth transition and develop roadmaps for successful leadership.


Media and Presentation Skills Training

Media coaching and presentation skills training provides specialized coaching on delivering crisp and persuasive messages to help executives create clear and engaging presentations.

Embodying a personal and professional brand and delivering a message in a succinct and persuasive manner has never been more important for senior executives. One-on-one media training and presentation skills workshops increase an executive’s ease with new and traditional media and help create a message that is consistently on point and resonant with the audience. Through the experience and skills of our coaches (including Emmy-winning producers and newscasters), media coaching hones your message and prepares you for the spotlight.

In today’s global media, it is important to be seen and heard often and clearly. Media coaching prepares remarkable individuals to be positioned as industry experts and thought leaders, enhancing business visibility, investor confidence, and industry position.

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