In 2019, Richard Levin & Associates ( formally joined CFAR after many years of fruitful cross-organizational collaboration. The goal of aligning the two companies, now successfully achieved, is to integrate executive coaching and strategic leadership consultation. By weaving together our practices, our objective is to help leaders achieve their highest aspirations by unlocking the potential in themselves, their people, and their organizations—engaging them to explore new ways of thinking about their organizations and developing new skills to sustain lasting performance.

Delivered within the context of an organization’s strategic business objectives, executive coaching helps established, new, and high-potential leaders maximize their effectiveness by unlocking the potential in themselves, their people, and their organizations. CFAR’s Coaching Practice helps executives thrive as results-oriented leaders, and expands their abilities to navigate complexity, enhance organizational culture, create aligned teams, and strengthen their capacity to make smart decisions under pressure.

We help leaders grow both personally and professionally, and are committed to strengthening civil discourse, diversity, and inclusivity. We welcome and appreciate the strengths, talents, and experiences of all ages, ethnicities, races, gender identities/expressions, sexual orientations, and physical/developmental ability.

Our work is grounded first in strong relationships. We take great care in matching leaders or teams with a coach from our network of nearly 50 independent, experienced coaches and communications specialists across the world. All are experts in their own right, and their strengths and capabilities are matched with those of the leader to ensure fit and achieve results. Our Coaching Practice is fueled by collaboration and creativity—not only between clients and coaches, but also within our coaching network itself.

Through honesty, integrity, and a steadfast display of respect, CFAR’s Coaching Practice has earned the trust of clients including family businesses, non-profit organizations, healthcare systems, global corporations, foundations, government agencies, and professional firms.

To discuss your personalized coaching options or for more information on our practice, please contact us directly at plane icon

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