These are times like no other. Organizations of all types have been up-ended by the events of 2020, leaving leaders grappling with a range of questions about the short- and long-term impact on their business and people.

How have these strange times affected culture and performance? What will be the impact on talent and morale, and how do we plan for it? Have we moved backwards on important goals that were so clearly in our sight just months ago? What have we gained, unexpectedly, in these unusual times and how can we hold onto it? Do we have a plan for the next few months and have we communicated it?

The uncertainty and concern can feel endless. The questions can feel agonizing. Leaders need to build a strong CORE.

By measuring your organization across these four pillars, CFAR’s CORE consultation will analyze how the current crisis is impacting your ability to move quickly and intentionally as an organization—and what you can do about it.

CORE isn’t crisis management. Or quick fixes for the questions you face today.

Through a customized diagnostic and iterative working sessions, CORE will provide you with the vision and stability to recover now—while building up the foundational strength to succeed in an unknown future.

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