CFAR Presenters: Todd Smith, Katelyn Husereau

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Family Governance: Preparing for Multi-Generational Success

This two-part webinar from the Minnesota Bankers Association is recommended for and geared towards bankers from family-owned banks: directors, CEOs, presidents, and other senior management.

In session 1, Family Business Governance, Todd Smith focuses on clearly understanding the realms of influence versus control in your family business system. We explore how to consistently provide a singular shareholder voice to the operating company board as your family grows into multiple generations, and how to manage additional non-bank assets in a well-structured manner. Doing so requires clarity around the roles family members must play simultaneously--no small feat! But with careful planning and continued healthy conversation it can be accomplished.

Session 2, Preparing the Next Generation for Ownership is led by Katelyn Husereau. Starting the conversation about succession across generations is far from easy. Each generation brings unique needs, wants, and questions to the table. In this session, we welcome perspectives from across generations to the conversation and together provide ideas on how to talk about those often-avoided topics of management and ownership succession.

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Family Governance: Preparing for Multi-Generational Success