CFAR Presenter: Caleb White, Katelyn Husereau

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Inside Out: Family Business Risk Management

Whether there’s a disturbance in economic markets, a death in the family, technological advancements rendering an existing business obsolete, or a shift in family power dynamics, common obstacles can trigger instability and put family businesses at risk of discord and wealth dissipation. Given that family businesses, by nature, can be more vulnerable than their non-family run counterparts, family office professionals must be prepared to guide their clients’ businesses through the disturbances – from the inside and out.

Join Lisa M. Cukier of Burns & Levinson and guests Caleb White, Principal of CFAR, and Katelyn Husereau, Senior Manager of CFAR, to learn resilience-planning strategies to help your clients effectively navigate these events and safeguard against vulnerabilities.

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Inside Out: Family Business Risk Management