CFAR Presenters: Barry Dornfeld, Chris McEntee

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Navigating Culture Change in Periods of Disruption

FULL EVENT TITLE: Navigating Culture Change in Periods of Disruption: Drive Success with Resilience, Psychological Safety and Accountability in Leadership and Governance   If culture can be defined as “how we do things around here,” the set of rules and assumptions for getting work done has been blown up several times during the last two years. One effect of these tectonic shifts is the distinction between personal and professional needs are increasingly mingled, making psychological safety in the workplace and in providing member value anything but straightforward. This session will explore perspectives related to navigating these minefields, improve cultural cohesion and accountability, and articulate success that resonates from the boardroom to the home office.   CFAR Principal Barry Dornfeld and CFAR Senior Advisor Chris McEntee present with Mark Dorsey, CEO of Construction Specifications Institute.

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Navigating Culture Change in Periods of Disruption