CFAR Presenters: Barry Dornfeld and Daphnie Pierre

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Organizational Consulting and the Anthropological Lens

Work in organizational consulting -- whether focused on organizational development, strategy, governance, or on culture itself – benefits greatly from the mindset and tools an anthropologist can bring to this work. This interactive workshop from Barry Dornfeld and Daphnie Pierre, explores these benefits and discusses how the ethnographic approach, multi-method diagnostic skills, and reflective practice can deepen your understanding of organizational culture and enable your effectiveness as a consultant. We provide a brief overview of organizational consulting and its intersections with anthropological thinking, then engage in a small group application of these skills to a consulting case. By the end of this session, participants will have learned where an anthropological mindset shows up in organizational consulting, a few specific techniques to employ this thinking to client challenges, and how to frame these benefits to potential employers and clients. This workshop is part of the Building Careers in Anthropology Conference.      

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Organizational Consulting and the Anthropological Lens