CFAR Presenter: Chris McEntee

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Prepping for Encore Careers

Thinking about planning the next stage of your career and life post CEO of a science/engineering society? Wondering how to determine when the time is right for a switch, how to inform you board, staff, members and stakeholders, and how to successfully navigate the transition from when you make the decision, to informing the board, staff and stakeholders, to preparing for and concluding the hand off, and entering the post CEO world? Or, not ready yet, and simply curious about all that is involved in making such a decision? Hear from four society CEOs who have recently undertaken that journey. They will share their experiences, what worked well, what they would do differently, and what they continue to learn during this next stage of their career and life.

Chris McEntee moderates the discussion with panelists:
Melissa Moore, Strategic Advisor, Former CEO, INFORMS
Thomas Loughlin CAE, Former CEO, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Principal, Archimedes Lever LLC
Advisor/ Investor Early-Stage Sustainability Related Enterprises
Gregg Balko, FASAE, CAE, Former CEO, SAMPE, Retired

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Prepping for Encore Careers