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Modern Family: The Impact of Demographic Changes on the Future of Family

Demographic trends impact every area of life. This presentation explores how the decisions to delay having children, have fewer children, and the reality of longer lifespans have meaningful impacts on multi-generational business families now and as we move towards the Fourth Economy. Nancy Drozdow and Megan Helzner look at how practitioners can best support family […]

Emerging Adults: Moving “Forth” the Family Firm

During the prolonged period of transitioning from childhood to adulthood, established working and family relationships can be upended for family businesses and their emerging adult children. Katelyn Husereau with Diana Clark of the O’Connor Professional Group and Kimberly Eddleston of Northeastern University and Cornell University’s Smith Family Business Initiative discuss  how families can realign with […]

Beyond the Brick and Mortar: How Much Does “Place” Matter in the Forth Economy?

The fourth economy’s geographically dispersed workforce tests an influence long taken for granted by family businesses: their physical location. Participants will explore the role played by “place” and consider ways to recreate its value, regardless of physical context. Description A tight-knit, family-owned business had been based in the same building for generations, with a committed […]

Back to the Future: Time Travel and Interdisciplinary Advising in the Fourth Economy

This workshop from Debbie Bing and Benjamin Persofsky of Brown Brothers Harriman explores how the fourth economy redefines what constitutes expertise and changes the kinds of expert help that families seek. We’ll use a futurist tool to identify shifts, innovations, and gaps between current practice and future needs—ideating on what advisors can do now to […]

Board Matrix: Reloaded – Broadening the Definition of Acumen Needed in Family Business Boardrooms

Combining video interviews and a panel of multi-generational family business board members, this session explores different approaches being taken to adapt family business governance structures, board membership, decision-making processes, and resource allocation to better reflect and be responsive to societal questions and challenges of most concern to their constituencies.