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Tackling Workforce Stressors, Transforming Operations and Strengthening Culture

Jennifer Tomasik, Principal and Mark Davis, MD of The Miami Cancer Institute (MCI) speak at the 2023 Virtual Leadership Symposium from ACHE. This session shares MCI's experience and lessons learned from identifying the key stressors that most significantly impacted its people, patients and performance to creating and implementing transformational change that advanced operations through service […]

CFAR Sponsors The Private Company Governance Summit

CFAR is a proud sponsor of the Private Company Governance Summit from Family Business Magazine. The Private Company Governance Summit 2023 will wrestle with the various types of board/CEO relationships, and focus on tools and approaches that will strengthen the effectiveness of both directors and the C-suite.

Basics of Board Structure

Nancy Drozdow moderates a panel discussion at the Private Company Governance Summit with Caleb White along with Jim McHugh of Southworth International and Stephanie Kim of Telemon. This session explores […]

Board Committees: 3 Rights that Prevent Many Wrongs

Caleb White and Nancy Drozdow present "Board Committees: 3 Rights that Prevent Many Wrongs" as part of the 2023 Private Company Governance Summit from Family Business Magazine. This interactive breakout session explores how important it is to create and maintain the Right Forums, for the Right Decision-Making, at the Right Times when seeking good governance […]

Chief Nursing Officer Institute

Barry Dornfeld will serve as faculty for The Chief Nursing Officer Institute. CNOI is designed for new and aspiring to be Chief Nursing Officers. The content and experiences is based on TNLI’s Framework which includes the following core values: Courage, Learning, Innovating and Relating(CLIR™). This is an opportunity to network and learn with other CNOs […]

Executive Transitions: Embrace the Dynamics, Avoid the Perils

Barry Dornfeld, along with Christine McEntee, Senior Advisor, CFAR and Shawn Boynes, CEO, American Counseling Association, present this session as part of the 2023 ASAE Fellows Retreat. Leadership transitions present important opportunities and risks around organizational identity, strategy, and culture, and board/staff dynamics for any association. Yet organizations do not often adequately prepare for these […]

CFAR Sponsors Transformational Women in Family Business Conference

CFAR is proud to be a sponsor of the Transformational Women in Family Business Conference from Family Business Magazine. Conference workshops and hands-on sessions are curated exclusively for women in family business. No matter what your role is in your family business, this event is designed to provide participants with an opportunity to collaborate with […]

Goal Setting: Know What You Want and Get After It

Megan Helzner and Debbie Bing moderate this session as part of the Transformational Women in Family Business Conference from Family Business Magazine. Panelist are: Lisa Daniel, Lodge Cast Iron Miller Hunt, Hunt Brothers Pizza


Barry Dornfeld is teaching a session on Negotiation as part of the Safety and Quality Leadership in Healthcare Systems course as part of the MHQS degree program at The University of Pennsylvania. The six-week course will help develop core skills for emerging leaders of safety and quality in healthcare systems.

Navigating Life Transitions: How Wealth Advisors Can Best Serve Female Clients

By 2030, more than two-thirds of wealth in the United States will be held by women. Women face different challenges and opportunities when it comes to financial planning, especially during life transitions such as marriage, divorce, becoming a widow, and others. This session explores the specific financial concerns and considerations that arise during critical life […]

Redefining Experiences: Leveraging Your Generation’s Advantage

Young professionals come to the table with years of experience and valuable insights, but young talent can be underutilized when in the same room as seasoned colleagues. This interactive workshop from The Family Wealth Alliance delves into strategies for harnessing your age as a powerful asset. Megan Helzner and Eliza Orleans, lead a discussion on […]