W e are excited to be actively looking for individuals across several roles to join the CFAR team. CFAR helps leaders activate organizations to achieve their highest aspirations—productively, meaningfully, profitably, and with impact.

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Sr. Consultant

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As a firm, we have several distinctive characteristics:

Our people are our greatest strength. We are passionate about our work—with our clients and with each other as we grow our firm.

Our approach embraces the fundamentals of both economics and human behavior—because we know that one informs the other in any organizational system.

We have a proud history of applying new ideas to novel, complicated problems for which traditional solutions have been found ineffective, particularly in organizations with multiple stakeholders holding diverse interests.

We engage in rigorous and creative analyses of our clients’ business dilemmas, help our clients work through their dilemmas to reach solutions appropriate to their organizational culture, and equip them with the skills and structure to sustain change going forward.

We embrace the value of different disciplines and perspectives, which is reflected in the wide variety of advanced degrees our consultants have earned—including business, economics, anthropology, public health, psychology, political science and diplomacy, and communications.

We aspire be a firm where each of us feels motivated by our purpose, collaborates to achieve our strategy and goals, grows professionally, and personally contributes at our highest potential. To best deliver on our aims, we seek to be rich in diversity of all kinds and focus on practicing inclusion.

We are committed to helping every at our firm become lifelong learners, with committed annual developments plans for each person.

Our project teams consist of senior lead consultants, supported by Analysts and Managers. Internal administrative work (IT, finance, communications, etc.) is managed by our Support Staff.