Our Race, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Aspirations

As a firm, we will not accept discrimination against any human being based on their race, ethnicity, gender identities/expressions, sexual orientations, physical/developmental ability, or religious beliefs. We are committed as a firm to fighting against the implicit and explicit biases that harm the communities where we live and work.

We know that better is both possible and necessary, including in our own firm. We at CFAR are committed to making a difference—by working with leaders, organizations, and communities to create space for dialogue and connection. Through our deeply held belief that differences are a virtue, not a liability, we believe we can help to create the impactful outcomes we seek.

Leaders have an important role in our collective next chapter to demonstrate values and build cultures that embrace differences, learning, hope, and commitment to change.

While the world around us continues to feel uncertain and divided, we see more that connects us while acknowledging our own work to do. CFAR stands firmly in our commitment to clients and to each other, to do better, to appreciate our starting place, and to bring compassion and dedication to issues of race, diversity, equity, and inclusion, wherever they show up in our lives. paper plane icon