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PHILADELPHIA, PA—As of April 1, 2019, Richard Levin & Associates (RLA), one of the most recognized names in executive coaching, has formally joined The Center for Applied Research, Inc. (CFAR), a management consulting firm specializing in strategy, change, and collaboration. By adding RLA’s expertise to the firm, CFAR will enhance its already robust set of offerings—helping their clients to unlock the potential in their people, explore new ways of thinking about their businesses and organizations, and develop new skills to sustain lasting improvement.

Together, the consultants at CFAR and the coaches at RLA will use their collective expertise to guide clients in achieving their highest aspirations across the many industries that the two firms currently serve—including healthcare, family and owner-led enterprises, foundations, non-profit organizations, and higher education. They will use their distinct yet complementary skills to help senior executives develop and lead high performing organizations, as well as help executives tell their company’s story, clearly communicate their vision, and build their organization’s capacity to lead transformative change.

“RLA and CFAR have had tremendous success in the past as strategic partners,” said Debbie Bing, CFAR President and Principal, “Bringing RLA formally under the CFAR umbrella is a natural evolution of an already successful relationship—one that will ultimately help us deliver even more value to our clients.” Richard Levin echoed Bing’s sentiments, stating, “We are excited to be part of a consulting firm that shares our core values of respect, trust, and compassion.” Both have been named by Forbes as America’s Best Management Consulting Firms for the past three years (four for CFAR).

RLA and CFAR help effect change and enhance performance while sustaining the distinctive culture and values of the organizations with which they work, continuing to help organizations achieve their highest aspirations and develop their executives into motivating, inspiring, and successful leaders.


Originally a research center inside the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, CFAR was established as a private management consulting firm in 1987. CFAR advises organizational leaders across a broad industry spectrum, including healthcare, family- and owner-led businesses, higher education, and foundations.

CFAR supports executives wrestling with issues of strategy, collaboration, change management, and leadership transitions, and is known for a distinctive consulting approach that blends business analytics with behavioral science expertise and research. The firm has published numerous articles and books, including its latest book on culture and change entitled The Moment You Can’t Ignore: When Big Trouble Leads to a Great Future, published by Public Affairs (

CFAR serves clients from offices in Philadelphia and Boston. For further information, please visit

ABOUT Richard Levin & Associates

Richard Levin & Associates is the country’s first and most experienced network of leadership and executive coaches, consultants, and facilitators. The company is a global organization of close to 40 practitioners with expertise in media, presentation skills, communication, strategy, and executive coaching. Approximately half of the firm’s clients are leaders of Fortune 500 companies and professional firms, while the other half consists of government and not-for-profit leaders.

Richard Levin & Associates coaches and trains senior executives on the fundamentals of leadership in the digital age: communication, strategic marketing, motivation, interpersonal skills, customer service, infrastructure development, and team building. Its network includes a cadre of outstanding consultants with years of experience in business, television, psychology, and education, developing executives into motivating, inspiring and successful leaders. For further information on RLA and its global network of coaches, please visit