Strategy Development and Implementation

CFAR has long been an innovator in the field of strategy, with an approach developed over decades of experience working with organizational leaders across a broad spectrum of industries on their strategic direction. Our strategy process appreciates an organization’s history, mission, culture and legacy, while orienting toward a future that will demand change and adaptation.

We know that our clients truly care about what they do and how they do it. They bring a sense of passion and commitment to their organizations that should be matched in the vitality of their strategy. We offer strategy methods and tools that pair the desire for directional clarity with an approach deeply connected to people and culture.

Our strategy work is grounded in the creation of an honest, aspirational strategic narrative that creates excitement across the organization and serves as a guidepost for the future. Equally important is the thoughtful engagement of decision-makers and others with influence in the exploration of strategic options, allowing for those most knowledgeable about the organization to anticipate points where the strategic “plot” is unrealistic, and to find connections between the emerging strategy and different parts of the business. Backed by economic rationale, and weighed against a series of options, the strategic narrative orients the work of the organization towards its desired future state and provides the framework for messaging and implementation, when the time comes.

We actively include key stakeholders in the creation and shaping of the strategy to ensure that they understand the logic behind it, commit to it, and know how to connect their individual efforts to advance it. This comprehensive engagement increases the likelihood of effective implementation. We work with leaders to craft implementation plans with clear goals, expected outcomes, accountabilities, and timelines to help their organizations execute, monitor progress, learn from experience, and adapt as needed along the way. We are committed to helping leaders develop strategic ideas that can be translated into action—to achieve strategic aspirations and fulfill their organization’s purpose. paper plane icon

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