Talent Optimization and Predictive Index

Leaders are facing unprecedented challenges to their businesses and organizations. Some are pivoting strategy as a result of market conditions, mergers and acquisitions, disruption, or other significant forces. Others are grappling with right-sizing or reconfiguring their workforce. And still others are struggling to gain alignment on key business priorities and find the right talent to act.

Times of uncertainty require flexibility, nimbleness, and resilience in ways that are calling upon people in all types of organizations to dig deep and assume new ways of working. At times like this, we find that gaps often exist between the strategy and the talent inside your organization to implement. Using Predictive Index (PI) behavioral analytics—coupled with our expertise in organizational design, culture, strategy, coaching, and leadership development—we work with clients in a talent optimization frame, designed to align their strategy and the people to execute it.

As a certified PI Business Partner, CFAR offers scientifically-validated assessments; a sophisticated technology platform to provide real-time guidance and tools that support supervisory, team, and leadership effectiveness; and our own consulting and coaching expertise to help you optimize and activate your talent to improve performance. We use the PI to fuel work in a few key areas:

Assessing and selecting talent

Inspiring, retaining, and growing talent

Building and developing strong teams

Using data from employee engagement and culture assessments to build strategies to activate employees and organizations

Aligning leadership teams on business priorities and what is needed to effectively execute strategy

We help you own the change you want to make and build both the commitment and capacity to do so. We provide training and workshops to ensure that people inside your organization understand how best to use and apply PI’s platform on a day-to-day basis.

To get a better sense of what PI can do for you and your organization, click HERE to take a complementary Behavioral Assessment. We will help you understand the results and explore the implications for talent optimization in your own organization. paper plane icon

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